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12 gift ideas for pet lovers

While last week’s post encouraged shoppers to keep it lazily and lovingly local, I do have a small reason to shop online this holiday season. This reason has been hanging around during the past 8 years and hopefully will outlive me (umm…on the other hand – nah, he won’t). He is stubborn, yet ridiculously cute, very cuddly and quite protective of his MAMA!

His name is Slonik – he is a Yorkshire Terrier. Born in South Korea, rescued from a Homeplus (a grocery store), raised multilingual and he is the most traveled dog I know. He is my baby boy and I like to spoil him with treats and especially with outfits (I dare say he owns a few more than my husband).

It’s pets, like Slonik and less fortunate animals, that are always so near and dear to my heart, that I hope you too are inspired to help during this holiday season and whenever you can.  Below is a list of various ways how you can get something adorable for yourself, your fluffy or furry friend or to help other animals in need.

This post is in no way affiliated with The Animal Rescue site, but I believe they do so much goodness, that if animals hold a special place in your heart, you won’t just stop by to window shop.

Help fly pets to freedom (clickable link)

Starting with just a $5 donation, you can help fly 1 animal 125 miles from Arizona to Delaware, where they will be saved from the pound and taken to a shelter, ready to be adopted. Delaware – being my home state, this gift is a no-brainer!

Gifts for dog lovers

Socks, slippers, shower curtains and mugs are just a few things you’ll go GAGA for at this part of the store.

Gifts for cat lovers

Feline good in a holiday pajama set, a cozy blanket, a kitchen apron or another pair of socks!

Animal Magnetism Tote


Super clever and on sale for only $6.99, this purchase funds 35 bowls of food (what?!) and makes you look stylish while out and about.


If you like gifts that keep on giving, then look no further than the Rescue Box. Sign up for a monthly subscription (starting at $23.95 for a small dog), which will undoubtedly make your pet’s tail wiggle with each and every delivery.

Fair Trade Gifts

Necklaces, tunics, fingerless mittens and rings – all with animal motifs and all fair trade.

Eco-Friendly Gifts

For environment friendly gift giving, pop on over to this page, where welcome mats, ornaments, mugs and bracelets await at very reasonable prices.

‘Must Love Dogs or Leave’ Mat

Announce your love of pets to the world, before anyone even steps into your home. Only $12.99 on sale!

Stocking Stuffers

No need to make a large purchase and worry about shipping. A dainty stocking stuffer like this cute measuring spoon set is purrfect!

Gifts for the car

From steering wheel covers, to stickers, charms, cups and license plate holders – driving around just got more fun!

Large deluxe hammock handmade in Mexico

Funds 214 bowls of food, this hammock is beautiful, perfect for travel or lounging and comes in my favorite color. Get it now for $74.99

Knit Boots in 3 different colors

Currently on sale for only $19, these boots are cozy and are a part of the Buy a pair/Give a pair promotion. Find out more by clicking on the title link above.

So don’t just shop aimlessly this holiday season, give your doggy/kitty some lovin’ or make a purchase that makes a difference in the life of another snugglepuff!

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  1. this is such a cute list Alla! I may have to purchase a couple of these for my sister’s husky Duke. He’s adorable and I love him so much. i’m so excited to see him in a few weeks after a year of not having played with him

  2. These are such adorable options for the pet-lovers among us! I haven’t seen a Christmas gift guide like this before. I can’t believe you rescued your adorable little guy from a HomePlus. Unreal, Korea.

  3. You got your pup at the Daejeon Homeplus!?! Since when did they sell animals there? Oh my lanta! Well he’s just the most precious thing I ever did see! I always have trouble finding my animal loving friends Christmas ideas that don’t feel so silly but I think I’m getting that Animal Magnetism tote! It’s practical but also shows off their passions in a graphic way!

  4. These are all such cute gifts! If only I had a pet… but my sister has two of the cutest dogs around so perhaps I can get something for her. Still looking for little booties for the pups when they go frolick in the snow!

  5. These are fancy! I am not a dog lover but my sons are and they are waiting for us to move back to the Philippines so they can finally have their own dog. This is a great of ideas for pet lovers!

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