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15 Unique Montana Airbnb accommodations

Ever since I was little, I was always mesmerized by various types of lodging structures, be it bungalows, shacks, cabins, apartments, yurts, tipis or campers. How and why do people live in a certain place a certain way always puzzled me and made me curious what it would be like. Today, curious souls can rest and even get a good night’s sleep in one of the various structures that populate the pages of Airbnb. This website has become my Pinterest or Etsy, where I aimlessly wonder, clicking through images, digitally browsing through their kitchens or outdoor spaces without ever stepping foot. It’s like breaking and entering, but without the consequences and I love it! I love it so much, we’ve even created our own Airbnb rental space, which also made this list of funky, unique and totally dreamy spaces in The Treasure State of Montana.

Without any particular order, here are 15 not your typical spaces around MT:

Antique Montana Shepherd’s Wagon

Find yourself on the farm with “chickens, pigs, goats, turkeys, honey bees, beef cows, a llama and a mini mule,” while you stay in one of the two super cute shepherd’s wagons, which used to (and some still do) house sheepherders. Sadly, pets are an additional charge, so leave your furry ones at home (if its anything like my pup, they probably don’t get along with farm animals anyways).

1880s Jail 

If you ever wanted to spend the night in jail, but without getting it on your record, well… you have to pay for it! Situated on Anaconda’s Pinon Springs Ranch, this getaway is like a ghost town that has come to life. There are bars on the windows, a saloon, wild animals roaming the streets and a very historic vibe. I can already see your IG blowing up with likes!

Spencer Mountain Solar Yurt

Only available May to Mid October, this Yurt is eco-friendly, solar powered and very private. A very affordable way to sleep 6 people, while roasting some marshmallows on a campfire or flicking cherry pits of the deck. Surround yourself with 5 +7000 acres of wilderness that is only 5 miles away from Whitefish.

Tiny cabin in the woods

This solar powered tiny cabin is remote and peaceful, while being only 20 minutes away from bustling Missoula, Montana. It sits on 100+ acres of Gold Creek land, which is prone to almost daily sightings of deer, elk, squirrels, chipmunks as well as an occasional brown bear and even a mountain lion. We have a magnificent view and that and the stars at night make me come back to this place every single summer. MT for life!

Papa’s Treehouse

With no running water, shower or electricity may make you crinkle you nose at this accommodation. Papa’s Treehouse is located near Chico or Bozeman Hot Springs and has plenty of amenities to fulfill your rustic camping experience. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been obsessed with Pete Nelson’s Tree House Masters on Animal Planet and think that Papa’s Treehouse would be a perfect place to rest my head when I’m near Bozeman, MT.

Under Canvas Yellowstone – Safari with King Bed

Only hop, skip and a jump from Yellowstone National Park lies the “luxurious glamping experience” of Safari tents, which promise to rival a hotel room in terms of comfort. Watch out glamping sights in Korea, this one has a king bed, a luxurious bathroom nearby and an onsite restaurant with uninterrupted views. Don’t overlook the MT bed tax and credit card processing fee and this place is yours!

Shipping Container Home

Another unusual dwelling space for rent is this gorgeous container home, nestled in Livingston, Montana. This cute “Little Box on the Prarie” was even featured on HGTV’s “Extreme Homes.” It’s outdoor shower has to be my favorite feature, considering that you’re on 10 acres of rolling prarie and only antelope and deer in sight.

Glacier Park MT Glamping Polebridge

This Mongolian ger even has a name – “Mr. Boloroo” and rightfully so! Check out its intricately painted door and furniture to take you away from the American town of Polebridge and over a few thousand miles to the snow capped mountains, the wild horses and endless landscapes of Mongolia. Again, no electricity, running water or Wifi, but that is the price your pay for glamping in the Mongolian ger near the gorgeous Glacier National Park.

RV Near Glacier

You’ve been envious of your next door neighbor’s new toy – the RV. Now is your chance to experience a night or a few in one (without having to bug your neighbor who is probably away camping). There’s wifi, farm fresh eggs available for purchase, bear spray for rent and lots of opportunities to ooh! and aah! at the latest 2018 amenities this Hideout has to offer.

Blackfeet Tipi Village

Immerse yourself in the Native American culture, history, food (available as an additional purchase) and housing as you stay in this permanent tipi village, which has been entertaining and lodging people since 1993. They offer seminars on Blackfoot and Native American culture, showcasing art or horseback riding on Spanish Mustang horses (original Indian horse). Basically, it sounds like you won’t be bored, on the contrary, you’ll walk away learning something new and experiencing a night in a very cozy place.

The last best camper

A beautifully restored 1974 Airstream Excella will have you dreaming of those simpler days when the Beatles plugged up the airways and Casio’s calculator watch was as “far out” as it gets for watches. Fluffy pillows, stainless steel appliances and proximity to Yellowstone make this crib an awesome possome. Can you dig it?

True Montana Cabin on an island at Bull Lake

An island in Montana? Yup, we’ve got plenty of lakes for all the boat/swimming/ jet ski enthusiasts out there. No need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to enjoy a lake shore access. This log cabin in Bull Lake is just what the doctor prescribed for your perfect getaway from it all. Don’t have a boat? No problem, they have a canoe for the slower peddling folk and plenty of space to accommodate up to 10 visitors. I know what I’m doing for next July 4th…

Safe and Sweet Rv/Tent Parking

You’re probably nagging your spouse at this point about your next vacation and all he/she wants to do is sigh at the prices. Don’t you worry, as I’m too, a budget traveler and this place is hard to beat at just $17 (prices may vary on the weekends/holidays). No amenities whatsoever, but you’ve got yourself a safe parking spot for your car or RV and very close to Kettlehouse’s new Amphitheater (which recently hosted Primus, Clutch and tomorrow (8/17/2017) – Slayer).

“Best Airbnb” Outside Magazine 

Not only is this place stunning, but it also features “superb hiking and a 2.5 miles of trail with a 5 mountain range vista.” Who wouldn’t want to spend a day hiking to come home and cozy up on a couch with an organic cup of joe or tea. Experienced by over 100 other guests, this place boasts 5 star reviews across all categories. You could practically call yourself famous after staying at the “best airbnb.”

Saddlehorn Lodge 

I don’t want to say that I’ve saved the best for last, but I kind of did. This lodge is HUGE and can host up to 22 people. The price tag bites, but can’t you see yourself having an event or a reunion there. I can! I can see myself in the 8 person hot tub, drinking something cold and refreshing, then stepping on one of 4 wraparound decks, while overlooking (and probably photographing) the Spanish Peaks. I can also see myself in the sauna or the pool, releasing the aches of a tough day at the slopes. Or sitting in front of a stone fireplace, while hubby cooks up something yummy in the Lodge’s gourmet kitchen. Yup, I’d fit right in!

So, dear Airbnb lover, which one of the Montana’s unique accommodations was at the top of your list? Which one would you steal a kidney to stay in? Which one would you NOT stay in even if it was free? Leave your comments below!

And if you know someone who is obsessed with Airbnb, pass this on. Spank you!

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  1. I love the yurt and the poleridge best among your photos. Which of those have you used already? They all look interesting especially I haven’t used airbnb yet.

    • I’ve stayed in the Tiny Cabin in the woods of course, we lived out of it while we were building our barn. My hubby stayed in a yurt this summer, but it didn’t make the list, because it was in Idaho. I’m making it a point to stay in the 1880s jail next summer for sure!

  2. I love the last two! I can understand why you also thought that was the best! I’m amazed at the creativity of these people in making their homes! (Besides the trailer park, haha) I’ll definitely consider these once there!

    • Not sure about the uniforms but the 1880s jail would have to be in the top 3 list, alongside the Tiny Cabin in the Woods (of course, I’m biased) and the Saddlehorn Lodge (I’m a sucker for hot tubs)

  3. I’d like to try Papa’s tree house, the tipi and the lodge… I haven’t had a vacation within North America for a while, but my last trip to Ucluelet, near Tofino on Vancouver Island was an amazing experience.

    • I had to look up Ucluelet, since I’ve never heard of such a place. It looks wonderful and going whale watching, surfing or just hanging on the beach would be great, considering the small population of it.

  4. What a cool concept for a post and I love how you did unique airbnbs in Montana of all places! I seriously need to reconsider the state. My dream is to rent an airbnb mansion for a wedding party so the Saddlehorn Lodge would absolutely fit the bill! And the idea of sleeping in a reconverted jail feels a bit spooky, you wouldn’t want any old spirits ruining a good’s night stay!

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