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15th Annual Mission Valley Amish Auction 2017

After living abroad for quite a while now (on and off since 2008), coming back to the US always surprises me with its diversity. Sure, its a melting pot of cultures, religions, races, backgrounds, orientations and experiences but the most interesting community to me, would have to be the Amish. Learn more about their ways of life here.

We’ve got to interact more with them when we lived for a short while in Rexford, MT many moon ago. They’d commission my husband and I to drive them (because they are not allowed to operate vehicles) to a certain part of the state, where they’d go out with their guns and horses and hunt game, which will serve as their protein and food for the next couple of months. They weren’t always successful in getting that prized elk, but they’d almost always shoot a deer or two.

Some of the members of the Rexford community have relocated their Woodworking business down to Mission Valley, where their community holds an annual auction and “a portion of each auction proceeds benefit our community’s private Amish Christian School.”

While some visit the auction for the quilts and ice cream, others can find such items such as flowers, tools, sheds, log homes, patio furniture and other handcrafted items.

This year’s event took place on July 8, 2017, starting at 9 am. The setting – always gorgeous – against the beautiful Mission Mountains in St. Ignatius, Montana. The forecast called for over 100F and we knew we had to be in and out of there before lunch time, not forgetting to grab a few hot dogs or hamburgers that were also for sale.

Home made ice cream was a great refresher on such a hot day and so were the giant fans inside the Quilt Tents.

Considering the fact that my family in law won a bid and purchased their log home a few years back from this very auction, it is always a pleasure to see what other log homes are on offer each year and we can first handedly speak about their quality and craftsmanship.

Even if you’re not the one on the lookout to purchase a log home, admiring the woodworking ability of the Amish is always appreciated. Perhaps, it would motivate you to pick up a wood burning tool or start your own DIY project.

If you’re interested in visiting next year’s event:

Annual Amish Community Auction
2917 Allision Rd., St. Ignatius, MT 59865
Quilts, Handcrafts, Furniture, Buildings, Cabins

Have you ever visited an Amish auction or event? Would you be interested in living in a log home made by the Amish? Comment below and share!

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