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16 Mile Brewing Company

allaponomareva-16milebrewer-georgetown-delawareThe clouds were rolling in as my drinking partner (my mom) and I ventured out on a relatively short drive from Smyrna to Georgetown, Delaware. GPS was set, taste buds were ready to mingle, but we didn’t check the weather on this hot and humid August afternoon. As we drove through Georgetown, it started to drizzle, then rain, then pour, but we were determined to introduce ourselves to yet another local brewery – 16 Mile Brewing Company.

Skipping through the puddles, we made our way to the tasting room, which surprisingly to us (on a rainy week day) was not empty. A cute, blonde bar maid was in charge and a few patrons were chatting at the bar, while others were joyfully playing darts. As you walk through, 16 Mile merchandise is displayed tastefully on your left, while coolers of prepackaged brews await you on your right.allaponomareva-16milebrewer-georgetown-delaware

allaponomareva-16milebrewer-georgetown-delawareThe menu on the wall is a dizzying chaos of information (upon visiting breweries, don’t be alarmed to find more than just names of your upcoming drinks, but also their categories (IPAs, Stouts, Pale Ales, Ambers, Sours, Saisons and others), alcohol percentage, also known as ABV (Alcohol by Volume), the International Bittering Units (IBUs, which are measured on a scale from 0-100, but at times may even go beyond!) and description. Not all establishments feel the need to provide this information, but for beer enthusiasts and home brewers its helpful to know.

On top, add food information, growler/pint sale prices, upcoming events and encouraging phrases (like Keep it Real) – can downright confuse and discourage a customer from making a purchase. Luckily for us, the bartender wasn’t very busy and we got started with a flight of beer samplers. In came more choices and information in a form of a printed list (which went into more descriptions of all the beers). Since a flight holds only 8 beers, we had to quickly narrow down our choices, which never makes me a happy camper because there are always sighs of regret later.

allaponomareva-16milebrewer-georgetown-delawareWe narrowed it down to:

  • Taylor’s Grog Pale Ale 5.1% ABV, 32 IBU’s
  • Baby’s Lunch Double IPA 10.7%ABV, 116 IBU’s
  • Curvy Melon (Mix of Curvy Blonde, Seed Free and Joy beers)6% ABV, 15IBU’s
  • Orange ya Glad Light with Orange 7.4% ABV, 15 IBU’s
  • Inlet IPA 6.1% ABV, 80 IBU’s
  • Bridge Brown IPA 6.1% ABV, 51 IBU’s
  • Amber Sun 6.1%ABV, 27 IBU’s
  • ‘Blues’ Golden 5.9%ABV, 15.5 IBU’s

My favorite beer was Taylor’s Grog Pale Ale, with the perfect amount of bitterness, this brew hit the spot. Least favorite had to be the outlier of the group with 116IBU’s, which I just had to try, was Baby’s Lunch. It was overwhelming and not at all my cup of tea.

The list of beer information is very convenient idea – ability for me, the customer, to get fast information about the beers and make my selection of eight, without them forgetting it. Secondly, for the brewery to be able to serve customers quicker and more efficiently. We kept the list on our table, every once in a while referring to it upon embarking on a new brew. Oh, and did I forget to mention, we had tables and chairs to sit on and were able to play a board game (provided) or two. Read about what I really think about chairs in tap rooms here.

Obviously, no visit to a brewery would be complete without a bit of beer porn. Look at those wet, glistening babies, sitting there prettily, ready to be devoured!

By the way, the name 16 Mile is historically relevant. When the land, which became known as Georgetown was purchased in 1791, it was 16 miles from anywhere. Today, it is located in Sussex County on the way to Delaware beaches.

16 Mile Brewing Company

Address: 413 S Bedford St, Georgetown, DE 19947, United States

Phone: 302-253-8816

Don’t miss out on their events, which on Fridays include live music. There are also public tours on Fridays and Saturdays (with private tours available as well). If you’ve got an event and like this spot, you can also rent their space here. 


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    • It’s not that I love beer Wendy, I just love visiting breweries, checking out their decor, seeing what kind of holders they have for the tasters and of course if the beer is yummy it’s a Bonus.

  1. I love the pictures with the reflections. I agree with you that when there is too much scribbled on a board that you lose oversight and you can’t make a decision. I really enjoy these brewery posts. Keep them coming!

  2. I’m not a fan of bitter ales but I always like one accented with some fruity undertones! Are you doing a brewery tour across the USA? I feel like I’ve been following your drinking journey around the States, so cool! You should invest in one of those beer cap maps to chart your progress: 😉

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