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3000 miles, 6 states and 2 thirsty ladies (part 2)

Last week I introduced a very special journey that my mom and I took last month in order to celebrate her milestone birthday. To tell you more about her and one of the underlying reasons for such a faraway road trip is because both my mom and I are obsessed with photography. She caught the bug first, many years ago and following in her clicks, I also started learning about this amazing hobby. Now, every time we get together, our twins Canon Mark D2 come out and we pose for each other or go somewhere picturesque.

After this trip, I’ve heard people say that not that many people can travel in those circumstances for nine days with their mothers or parents and still say it was fun. I guess I’m just lucky that both my mom and I don’t just share photography as a hobby, but we also like to relax and talk about a beer/beers that we’re drinking. So visiting pubs or breweries on this roadtrip seemed like a wise idea while unwinding from a long day of driving and sightseeing.

Read about the breweries we visited from Montana to Grand Canyon and back numbers 1 through 5 here. 

6. Moab Brewery in Moab, Utah

Moab is a very active town, where you can easily book a rafting trip, go mountain biking, off-roading, hiking, sightseeing Arches National Park and more. Speaking of Arches NP, it has been on my Bucket List to see this spectacular place for a while now. Sadly, on this roadtrip we simply did not have the time nor the energy to go all the way from Las Vegas to Monument Valley, while stopping at Grand Canyon AND Arches NP. Nevertheless, one must always leave something to be desired, therefore the curvy formations of Arches will have to pose for my/our cameras some other time.

Speaking of the brewery, of course, it was easy to find and the decor is exactly what you’d expect from such an active town. There were kayaks and parachutes attached to the ceiling. Memorabilia and rental possibilities are covering the walls as well as the dozens of awards that Moab Brewing Company has won in the past.

As for the beers, honestly, nothing really blew us away. They were easy to drink, but nothing too hoppy or too flavorful to stand out in our minds.

  • Johny’s American IPA – Best
  • Red Eye IPA
  • Over the top Hefeweizen

7. Epic Brewing in Salt Lake City, Utah

Driving through SLC on the way South, we weren’t very pleased with what it had to offer in terms of beers from the Desert Edge Brewing Company. Fortunately, a friend of mine was able to introduce us to a place which made me smile from ear to ear despite Utah’s ridiculous and very unreasonable drinking laws. They can be summarized in the following image:

Either way, Epic Brewing was able to please this thirsty traveler above and beyond. Their “tap-less” tap room is tiny (fitting only 6 people comfortably) and you have to order food first (on the other hand the food is prepared right in front of you and its very tasty – sandwiches, paninis and soups). But, the beers are OFF THE HOOK!

They are strong, the variety is abundant and they are inexpensive (for how strong they are).

  • Wit Beer
  • Elder Bret
  • Tart and Juicy Sour IPA – Best 
  • Sour Apple Saison
  • Utah Sage Saison
  • Imperial IPA – Best 
  • Brainless Raspberries – Best
  • Spiral Jetty IPA

As you can see, the drinks were flowing, in a small sample glasses (at first). Everything was very full bodied and awesome and I’ve never been to a brewery where I felt like a kid in a candy store: “I want to try this one and this one and this one and this one. Oh, only two glasses in front of me? Ok, then you try this and that and I’ll try this and that and then we’ll have 4 different ones and we’ll just keep doing that until they kick us out.”

Epic – I LOVE YOU!

8. Snake River Brewing in Jackson, Wyoming

Calling themselves Wyoming’s oldest brewery, Snake River excites you before you even walk through its doors. How so? Well, innovative landscape design, which encourages families and passers by to partake in putt putt golf or just sit around a fire pit (creatively constructed out of a brewing tank.) I like when breweries or companies put their community first, trying to entertain and encourage active drinking, haha.

While conveniently located on the way up to Grand Teton NP, Snake River Brewery is a perfect spot to stop by for lunch, because their Bison Burger still haunts our dreams. It was juicy, succulent and complimented our flight of 8 beers very well!

You can imagine we tried every beer besides the Stout and Le Serpent Cernise and our absolute favorites would have to be….

She-Ra (passion fruit Gose) and Kilsch Kolsch

A great addition to our already pleasant visit at Snake River Brewery, was our waitress Leila from Montenegro. She spoke our native tongue and was very personable and kind. She is working in the States till September, so go on over and say hi!

In between Grand Teton NP and coming home to MT, we spent two nights hiking, spotting moose, antelope and deer as we frolicked around the last stop of our journey. On the last day of 5 hour driving from Yellowstone NP to Missoula, we decided to skip a brewery in Billings and instead revisited Butte, Montana. Butte is a super cute small town (pop 33,000+) and is known for its mining, the Berkely Pit and the birthplace of Evil Knievel. It is full of old, brick architecture, friendly folks and a handful of watering holes.

9. Butte Brewing Company in Butte, Montana

Founded in 1885 this brewery hasn’t been the staple of the community due to its 50 year break starting in 1965. Reopening its doors in a new and beautiful facility , equipped for parties and events, this brewery will surely gain its fame back. The beers are just ok, but maybe that’s what Butte needs – a place to gather and celebrate!

10. Muddy Creek Brewery in Butte, Montana

After being underwhelmed by beers at the Butte Brewing Company, we drive down the same E. Galena street (how convenient) for something different. The tap room is located inside an old, historic building with heavy wooden doors, unnecessary large hallways, enormous bathrooms and creaky floors. Character is what this place got!

We went with:

  • Mandarin Tango – BEST
  • Tree Shaker
  • Skinny Cow IPA
  • Ry Dog Red IPA

While Mandarin Tango was phenomenal and elected itself to the “I’ll have a pint of that!” podium, the other beers were equally as great. Very solid, very good beers in production since only 2015. When you stop by, don’t forget to inquire about their Mug Club!

If you live anywhere close to the aforementioned breweries, I suggest you stop by and give their beers a try. There’s no shame in Beer Tourism, especially on a toasty summer day!

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Is there a hobby/hobbies that you share with your parents? If you could road trip with them, where would you choose to go? Where is your favorite spot/brewery for beer tourism? Comment below or share with someone who likes beers! Cheers!


  1. Unfortunately, I don’t have much in common with my family. But all this beer sounds awesome~ my brother and I could probably agree on that at least. Haha. I love visiting breweries, distilleries, vineyards. Not just to drink, but I find them so interesting. That Mandarin Tango sounds amazing. Too bad I’m on the opposites side of the country right now!

    • I agree taking tours and seeing the space of some breweries/wineries/distilleries is so cool. To hear about their stories, how things are made and what makes their companies unique is a business lesson in itself all the while sipping on something tasty 😛

  2. It’s awesome that you’re both into Photography! I can’t imagine myself drinking beer with my parents. My mom and I are not a fan of drinking but my dad would love those beers. My dad haven’t been out of the country. It’s my dream to take him on a road trip in one of the Asian countries nearby. ^^

  3. I’m trying to picture this trip with my family… I think we could do it! Maybe a week would be the limit but it would be possible. I wish you would show more of the landscape! You’re in some of the most beautiful countryside in the world. I want to see it! You’ve definitely sparked the desire to road trip. I think a camper trailer or truck would be ideal or with some camping gear!

  4. What an epic milestone adventure with your mom! I wonder if my mom and I would ever go on a beer-drinking spree AND have a blast taking photos! Also, amazing photos!

  5. That’s so cool that you did this trip with your mum! I went on holiday to Goa with my mum a few years ago and we both decided we wouldn’t go on holiday together again haha. Maybe we should have drunk more beer?! We do both enjoy a wee drink lol.

    • oh no! I hope that you and your mom give it another go, I imagine India can be a challenging country to visit. By the way, what is there to drink in India? any good beers or other alcoholic beverages?

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