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7 photography projects worth supporting

  • CamBuddy Pro: World’s first do-it-all DSLR controller by Joobot Inccambuddy pro on kickstarter

What: WiFi-enabled DSLR remote with live-view, time-lapse, four built-in triggering sensors, and shoot & push.

Where: Kickstarter site

How much: lowest price to get CamBuddy Pro is $119 (at the time of this post, November 2016)

Why do you need it: Eliminate a lot of different gadgets and replace them with just one.

  • Viddy: The world’s cutest DIY pinhole camera by Kelly Angood

What: A diy medium format or 35mm film pinhole camera that takes only 30 minutes to assemble!

Where: Kickstarter site campaign has ended, but Viddy is  available here and here

How much: £32 (about $40 plus shipping).

Why do you need it: A great educational tool on how pinhole cameras work, only takes half an hour to make and adorably cute, which should result in inquisitive onlookers and curious models.

  • Trickstick by Electrikstrickstick on kickstarter

What: The Trickstick is a unique, high resolution, handheld LED POV display.

Where: Kickstarter site

How much: the lowest amount to pledge and get the Trickstick delivered anywhere in the world – $109 (at the time of this post)

Why do you need it: Use it creatively for light painting techniques, to display images in the thin air or even GIFs!

  • Spiderlight Holster by Spider Holster

What: The perfect companion for anyone who wants an easy draw-from-the-hip, no strap solution to take your camera anywhere.

Where: Only 3 more days to go to back this project here on Kickstarter

How much: the lowest amount to get the holster is $80 (at the time of this post)

Why do you need it: If you have a smaller camera than the bulky DSLR, this holster helps you carry your camera effortlessly on your belt. It also looks simple to get it in and out for those quick shots!

spiderlight holster on kickstarter

  • Galaxy Photographer’s planner and handbook

    galaxy photogrpahy handbook on

What: A planner, a photo log, a reference book. All in one – Galaxy Photographer’s Planner and Handbook

Where: Indiegogo site

How much: $35

Why do you need it: As stated on their website, this handbook is for anyone from a professional photographer to a students, a pinhole camera enthusiast, large format photographers, photo enthusiasts and amateurs. Find infographics and cheat sheets, calendars, chemistry information for darkroom users, location scouting records, zone system records, monthly planners and more.

  • Rescued Film: 1,200 rolls 1 photographer by Levi Bettwieser

What: 1,200 rolls of film were shot by one photographer in the 1950s. Help Levi Bettwieser rescue the images.

Where: Indiegogo site

How much: the amount pledged is up to you!

There is no physical reward here, but knowing that you helped a project and sponsored something good, especially for a fellow photographer.

Why do you need to help: to date, The Rescue Film Project has rescued over 18,000 images. Wouldn’t you want to have your almost lost images rescued by selfless and curious people too? You may or may not be using film, but the same thing could happen if you were lost at sea and your barely readable SD cards were all that was left from you.

  • Trioplan f2.9 50mm by Meyer Optik USAtrioplan lens on kickstarter

What: Celebrate the 100th anniversary of Trioplan lenses by supporting the modern version of their ultimate art lens – Trioplan f2.9/50

Where: Kickstarter campaign has ended but, the lens can still be pre-ordered here

How much: While the Kickstarter campaign pricing was a bit more reasonable, this lens starts around $1500 here

Why do you need it: Who knew that lenses can be brought back to life by an optimistic company and over 1,000 backers who pledged their support for this project. Just look at the bokeh of the images featured, all I gotta say is Dang, that’s one bokehlicious lens!

Do you know which project you’ll be supporting? Which one did you find the most surprising/fascinating? Which do you think is completely not worth the money? Tell me what you think in the comments below.

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  1. Wow some of these are pretty innovative! I think I would get some good use out of that easy to use holster instead of my camera strap! I might be a little weary of knocking it off/out by mistake though.

  2. This is good news to photography enthusiasts. I do like photography, too but I don’t have as much patience. Bettweiser’s project would be a welcome cause. If I have a well-loved photo/s I would definitely be thankful to have someone rescue/restore it.

  3. So many cool photography tools, such little money! These tools would be an awesome addition to any photographer’s bag, and now I have a few more items to add to my Christmas list! Awesome list, I hadn’t really thought of looking on crowdfunding sites for new tools!

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