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Accommodation pick: Off-grid mountain Montana cabin

Do you enjoy peace and quiet?

How about a carefree mountain living in the forest, but only 20 minutes from a city?

Would you like to disconnect from it all, even if just for a bit?

Then look no further than this off grid “Shanty” mountain cabin. Situated in the lush forests of Bonner, Montana (only 20 minutes from Missoula). You’ll be surrounded by an uncanny wilderness, with deer, wild turkeys, rabbits, chip monks, squirrels, occasional elk, bears and even mountain lions. Only a few miles away from Blackfoot River and fine summer time floating, swimming and fishing. This is also your ideal destination for hunting, hiking, mountain biking, or horseback riding for the adventurous ones. If your blood pressure is on the lower side – enjoy a nice walk, read a book, chat or have a beer at your own very own hand made dinner table in the woods.

Built in 2011, this rustic 8 x 12 beauty is standing on 20 acres of quiet and remote wilderness, where you won’t see a neighbor unless you want to. Enjoy yourself, as you swing to and fro in a hammock nearby, do some yoga or just chill on your personal deck.


allaponomareva-mountaincabin-montanaLet’s step inside. Interior furnishings (minus the chairs) were all hand crafted to keep with the rustic feel of the cabin. Due to the small and cozy size of this cabin, it was clever to design items of dual use, such as the fold-out table, which can sit up to three people, or it can be folded down to give the space more free room. The highlight of the interior would have to be the staircase, which doubles as a book case. You may not notice at first, but the book case swings out and turns into a staircase, which leads you to the loft upstairs. A very clever idea!

A propane camping stove with two burners should be enough for all your simple cooking needs.

The interior is beer-inspired, since at one point this cabin was utilized for creating some fine home brews. If interested in learning to brew, check out the courses (Small spaces, minimal gear – lotsa beer and Brew like a Bachelor), which were created on this very property by the same builder who designed and built this cabin – Garrett Hohn of I Brew U Brew.

The loft contains a double mattress, enough to sleep two people.


If you stay quiet enough, you may just make your own acquaintance with some local wildlife and in the right season you can even eat them too!allaponomareva-montana-deer

Feast your eyes on this, only 1 minute walk from the “Shanty,” I could sit in a lawn chair and watch this view all day!


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Off grid and quiet – mini cabin close to Missoula


, MT, United States

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  1. One of my dreams is to live in a small house but then again, I’m too much of a sentimentalist and would have a difficult time not being able to hoard anything! I think this place would be a great way to try out if I’m cut for living small. Also the fact that its sooo remote.. that would scare the bejeezus out of me! I feel like I’m not very adventurous when it comes to the great outdoors all because I’m intimidated the vast loneliness of the wild!

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