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Cherry Blossoms in Daejeon

At last! We can turn off our ondols (heated floors), unbutton those blazers, crack the windows and feel the wind through our hair on our ride to school! Spring is here and its here to stay ( at least till June). Celebration dance is happening as you read this…:P

With the changing of the seasons in Korea (and we have 4 of them!), come the long waited blossoms of the Cherry Trees – aka Sakura in some parts of the world and Pot Kot (벚꽃) in Korean. 아싸!

Whether or not you are new to Daejeon, you may not have known of all the places to see these pink beauties in this city and there are a few. Since Cherry Blossoms bloom for about 10-14 days, and the timing changes from year to year, you may not have a chance to see them all, but you sure may try!

Chungnam National University (충남대학교)

Apparently, known as the largest gathering of cherry trees, this national university is a very popular destination. The weekends are the heaviest in terms of traffic, but what do you expect in a city of 1.5+ million.

Buses: 108, 119, 105, 911, 121, 104

Sintanjin  (신탄진)

Some years the festival in Sintanjin is on, some – its not. Either way, the trees are blooming without the noisy crowds and stinky Beondegi (silky worm larvae) street food.

Buses to get you to Sintanjin, look for KT&G company and pink trees:

2, 71, 72, 75, 703, 704, 705

Gyeryeong Mountain (계룡산)

Apparently, Gyeryeong Mountain, like Sintanjin, also has its own Cherry Blossom Festival. Sadly, it is not very well advertised. The road, leading to Donghaksa Temple is the place to be for the cherry trees fanatics and their selfie sticks.

Buses to Gyeryeongsan: 107, 48

KAIST Campus and the Gapcheon River alongside

Known as the 2nd largest cherry tree gathering in Daejeon. While the campus may have beautiful spots of Cherry Trees, in front of the university, there is a nice, long road, which is covered with them. Excellent photographic opportunities on the road itself and across the river, on the opposite side. Try to visit this spot at dusk as the river’s reflections and lit up night lights create for a very romantic atmosphere.

Buses to KAIST: 104, 121, 604

Subway stop: Wolpyeong-dong and walk about 10 mins (across the street from Emart Traders and Homeplus).

Mokwon University (목원대학교)

Known as the 3rd largest cherry tree gathering. While there are many bunches of Cherry Trees around Daejeon, I personally enjoy spots where you can picnic under them due to their abundance. My uni is definitely the spot for that. Through the main gate, go straight towards the library (M building) and look on the right hand side, you can’t miss them.

Buses to Mokwon: 312, 706, 106, 603

Taemi Park (태미공원)

Recommended by a Korean friend, again for its Cherry Blossom abundance, this park has been off my radar, but she says it draws the crowds for all the right reasons during this time. Let’s all go!

Buses to Taemi Park: 119,108, 615, 311, 201

Subway stop: Seodaejeon Negori + walk 15 minutes

Behind the National Science Museum (국립중앙과학관)

A less popular destination with the locals, but still very worth visiting.

Buses 104, 121, 301, 318, 604, 606, 918

Daecheong Lake and Daecheon Dam area (대청호)

Good luck finding parking during the fleeting time of the blooming cherry trees, but bring along patience and you’ll get your fill of the beautiful cherry blossoms.

Buses: From Daejeon Station, take a city bus No.701, 720, 724 coming every 10 Min. to get off at Sintanjin Station. From here, transfer to a circular bus No.722 and 723. And get off at Daecheongdaem, a dam.

Do you know of a Cherry Blossoms location around Daejeon that I may have missed? Let me know!


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