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Daejeon Photography Competition 2016 Results

Every year, the Tourism Organization for the City of Daejeon hosts a competition, giving away a lot of money in cash prizes. How much do you ask? About 12,000 dollars are given out, with the most – $2,000 given to the Overall Winner. 3 Gold place winners walk away with $1,000 each. A special prize is also given out with the winning amount of $1,000. 3 people receive Silver prize of $500. Bronze, on the other hand is shared among 5 different winners and $300 each is awarded. Lastly, the smallest prize, but the most – 30 people – are awarded with $100 each.

A ceremony for the winners takes place in City Hall’s exhibition gallery, where their works are framed and displayed for anyone to observe. Food and drinks are also served at the ceremony and anyone is able to attend to support or congratulate the winners.

I have been participating in this competition for the past three years. Two years ago, I felt very proud to have placed among the honorary mentions (the smallest prize). Last year was not as lucky as I didn’t even place with the five images that I’ve submitted.

To keep the suspense around it’s winners, the organization sent me a message inviting me to the ceremony. While not stating exactly which prizes I’ve won, one’s mind certainly races as to which monetary prize will be mine, and of course the honor of the award (haha).

I was awarded the Honorary Mention AS WELL AS the Bronze Place. Whoo hoo! Not too shabby! The most I’ve ever won and the most I’ve ever won in a photography-related event. Alright!

Here are a few images from the ceremony.

Each participant (alongside the most anticipated monetary prize) received a certificate and a rose. Overall through Bronze placed winners got to enjoy a velvet-covered folder, while those of Honorary Mention winners are standard (I got both, so I can see the difference haha). A booklet of all the images and prizes is also available for any participant of the gallery.

Thank you to my support system (husband and husband’s friends) for keeping my nerves down as I was anxiously curious as to which prizes will await me at the ceremony.

In case you’re curious, here is a closer look at the image, which received Honorary Mention Prize.

And this one got Bronze!

I received a lot of comments on the last image, stating that it looks more like a painting than a photograph. I absolutely agree and can’t wait to see them both hang in public places in Daejeon.

Taken at Daejeon’s National Cemetery in November of this year. This pond is shaped like Korea and is a very common photography destination during all seasons as it can look drastically different during each.


  1. Wohooo! Congratulations ^^ It’s so very great to be recognized for your work – and you’ve moved up in the ranks as well. Love that second photo and it really does look like a painting 🙂 Kudos!!

  2. Congratulations! and great photos. It’s fun to partake in those sorts of things and be acknowledged in some way. I almost never even hear of the competitions in Korea too because they don’t really promote to the foreigners. Good on you for continuously being apart of it. ^^

  3. Congratulations, Alla! It was great to be kept up in suspense until the announcement. It would be greater for us to see more of your photos, too. Keep working on it and keep winning. Kudos to you and this one’s really a welcome happy post to welcome the New Year and the good things ahead. Cheers!

  4. Wow, the image that won Bronze is truly incredible Alla! Congrats! I wish we would have known about contests like these when we were living in Korea, Scott would have loved to participate!

  5. Amazing pictures! Congrats Alla! I thought your specialty is portraits, I didn’t know that you are also into landscape photography. As I told you before, I’m a fan! Keep on taking pictures! Have a great year ahead ^^

    • Thanks Karla! Portrait photography is definitely my favorite, but when I travel I like to also showcase the landscapes of places. It’s awesome to be recognized for my non-primary photography genre.

  6. Congratulations! Yes, the bronze winner does look like a painting ~ the colors are deep and it seems like you took the shot late in the afternoon. The autumn landscape makes one feel melancholic.

  7. This is so awesome! Congrats to you Alla! It’s super awesome that Daejeon has a program like this, definitely is a great connector and morale booster for locals and foreigners. Again congrats, loved both photos!

  8. ALLA GIRL! Whoa congratulations! I love the richness of your shots, understandable how your photos are top contenders especially with that vermilion color scheme and that regal looking heron! I had no idea that Daejeon was so supportive of artistic endeavors! I really wish I had taken the time to hone my hobbies while living in Korea! You made me miss a Korean autumn so much <3

  9. Congratulations! I recently won a prize in the EPIK Life video contest, and It felt really good to be recognized. I’m sure that you can agree that you would do your passion without the need for monetary prizes, but it feels amazing to actually get recognized and awarded for something that you put a lot of work into. Great job!

  10. Congrats Alla!!! Both photos are amazing but the bronze-winning one is especially majestic. I also agree that it looks almost fake. I hope you continue submitting your art and hopefully keep getting recognition for your amazing work!

  11. Congratulations, what an awesome achievement! So nice to get some recognition and extra pennies for something that you clearly love so much. Both of your photos are amazing- the second one is so atmospheric and the rich tones in it are gorgeous. I can’t wait to see even more of your work 🙂

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