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Daejeon’s Craft Beer and Music Festival

October 14-15, 2016 brought in Daejeon’s first annual Craft Beer and Music festival, featuring 15 different brewing companies from Korea and abroad. They were:

  • Weizen Haus Brewery
  • Kabrew
  • Trevia
  • Kramer Lee
  • Hand and Malt Brewing Company
  • September Brewing
  • Gorilla Brewing
  • Galmegi Brewing
  • Big Rock Brewing
  • Breitbach
  • Abnormal
  • Whasoo Brewery
  • Platinum Craft Brewing
  • HB Trade Co
  • Magpie Brewing
  • BrewCascade

Notable brews: Magpie’s Session IPA and Gose as well as Trevia’s Saison. Job well done!

Some of the talented performers, who entertained our drunken souls day and night were: The Manwons, Bump City, Bold Coast, Dj Blaze, Dj Shining, Pinan, Fishingirls, Primary and many others.

Price: 10,000krw early bird tickets bought your 3 beers OR 2 beers and a food item OR 2 food items and a beer. Some food items required 2 or 3 tokens respectively. Additional tokens could be purchased at the venue. Beer tokens cost 5,000krw, while food tokens cost 3,500krw.

It was sponsored by The Weizen Haus and Good Times ROK. Thank you for hosting this wonderfully fun event!


  1. Awesome pics of the Daejeon Beer Fest. I don’t write the CraftBeerAsia Korea site anymore because… well… a lot of reasons. Haha. But it looked fun. Great job!

  2. Primary seems to be doing more and more festival shows. We got to see them play at the Marriott Dongdaemun during Fashion Week and it was such a wonderful experience! Who was your favourite? What was your favourite beer?

    • I only knew the Daejeon bands when they performed, not sure if I caught Primary, are they any good? My favorite beer was Galmegi’s IPA, before it was all mixed with the other ones in my tummy and I could hardly keep up what was what lol = beerfest effect

  3. We love beer festivals and im so sad this one didnt catch our attention! We went to the one at Namhae German Village last year and had a great time. We alsways go to the one back home in our town every year too. Great pics! Looked like fun!

  4. WHAAAA 10,000 KRW with all those beers! I am so jealous! We went to an “International Beer Festival” our first year in Korea when we were visiting Busan. The admission was also 10,000 KRW and advertised beer from all over the world. Once we went inside we found out that they were only serving Maxx beer. HAHA We were tricked and swore we would never do that again! Now we know that the Daejeon one is legit if we ever come back!

    • We did the same thing, Megan, a few years ago IN DAEJEON! We thought that it was a silly joke as well, but I guess the time just wasn’t right back then and craft beer scene hasn’t arrived till now. So happy that is has happened, but then again I’ve got home brew all day and all night long 🙂

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