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Daejeon’s free meetups and groups

As said by Frank Sinatra in his 1949 song:

The flowers in spring, the robins that sing,
The moonbeams that shine, they’re yours, they’re mine.
And love can come to everyone,
The best things in life are free.


As gatherings of like-minded individuals should be, let’s compile a list of Daejeon-centered free meetups. No need to get your wallet out, or buy a coffee to partake, just come on in and enjoy!


For the intellectual Deajonite: Daejeon Ted and Red 

“Daejeon TED and Red is a group of people coming together to watch TED Talks (or other sources of media) while drinking wine (or any other beverage of your choice), so that they may engage in meaningful conversations. The goal for this group is to bring together passion driven, open-minded individuals, so that they may share their thoughts, ideas, experiences, advice, and future aspirations in a supportive diverse community. So whether you are looking to make new friends, have aspirations of starting your own business, want to change the world, or just want to listen and share your ideas with others, there is a place for you in this group.”

For the artist: DJAC exhibitions

DJAC is a well established foreign and Korean artists group (consisting of painters, photographers, potters, furniture makers, silk screen artists and more) who showcase their latest works twice a year at various galleries around Daejeon. Their spring exhibition is coming up next week, titled 우리는 공자 앞에서 문자 쓴다 Writing Chinese in Front of Confucius. Opening events typically feature all of the artists in attendance as well some refreshments and snacks and is scheduled for Saturday 22 April 2017 5-9 pm. Or you can stop by anytime at the gallery between 10am to 6pm April 19-27 2017. Address is at their Facebook event page.

For type A personality: U&I productions acting workshops

U&i Production’s weekly acting workshops have started back up. All levels (beginners – pros) are invited to come and improve your acting skills with simple improv work and scenes.

Every Tuesday night at 7:30pm. Location of the workshop is on their event page.

For the talkative leader: Schoolmasters

“Schoolmasters is a Toastmasters club in the Daejeon area of South Korea. We meet every Thursday, 7:30 pm at N1-111, KAIST. Although our meetings are conducted in English, we are not an English speaking club. Our members are interested in teaching and learning, and aim to improve their public speaking and leadership skills. All who are willing to learn by doing are welcome. No need to reserve or prepare anything. Just come and have fun.”

For the dog lover: Friends of Daejeon Paws

Usually taking place on the weekends, these meetups feature visiting Mrs. Jung’s shelter in Galma dong and walking very eager, super cute and friendly dogs. Help with donations/supplies is always appreciated!

For the runner: Hash House Harriers

“The Hash House Harriers is a more social version of a running club (we describe ourselves as a drinking club with a running problem.) The only prerequisite to hashing is a sense of humour and a willingness to drink. If you do not know anything about the Hash House Harriers and would like to read up on it, visit for details on this established and silly social sport. Our aim is to hash in Daejeon, everyone is welcome and can enjoy being part of a tight-knit group.” While alcohol (beer, etc) drinkers are required to pay a fee, non-drinkers can probably run for free, contact the club if you happen to be one.

For the volunteer: Daejeon Cares and Daejeon International Volunteer Experience

“We are a small volunteer group in Daejeon that visits local orphanages (children’s homes) to do some volunteer work and organize events for the kids. We are open to other kinds of volunteer and charity work as well, so please feel free to join with your good ideas and good intentions.”

For the thrifty Daejeonite: Clothing Exchange meetups

An ongoing event with events posted once or twice a year, this exchange features donations from mostly women of clothing, shoes, accessories, books and other trinkets. Attendees are able to pick up other person’s donations free of charge and whatever is left over gets donated to the local women’s shelter. Dodi Falcon is the one to ask about the next exchange.

For polyglots:  Stammtisch and Polyglot Sunday group

Stammtisch groups describes itself as: “This group has been around since the late 90s. It was founded by Christoph Eitel, who also founded Daejeon Hikers. It was kept going by 10 years by Alan England before he left to go back to the US in 2013. We are a group for foreigners/friends of foreigners living in or near Daejeon. We meet every week on Thursday. We’re here for Koreans who want to practice English or foreigners who are new to Korea and trying to get their bearings. If you’re also looking for people to hang out or chat with in Daejeon, we’re here for that, too!”

Polyglot Sundays welcome language lovers of all levels at 7:30pm every Sunday at Caffe Resort in Tangbang-dong. Visit the event page for more information.

For the discussion-driven types: Daejeon discussion 

“A bimonthly meeting, where people from a variety of different cultural and professional backgrounds can meet and give insight on various topics of discussion. We normally discuss topics that deal with current events or happenings in Korea. Location varies from week to week, but we’ll post the location/time several days in advance.”

For the reader: Daejeon Book Club “As the pages turn” and Daejeon Book Exchange

“Daejeon Book Club: “As the Pages Turn” is not your usual book club…we aim to share unique experiences based on our reading. If you’re open to share bits and pieces of your life with a lively group, this club’s for you.

Do you know of a FREE Daejeon meetup that I’ve omitted or a brand new one not on the list? Comment below and I’ll include it in the post. Thanks!


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  1. Free meet ups are fantastic. I love the combination of Ted talks and red Wine. I’m going to go see if Seoul hosts any events like this as well. I was also wondering what happened to the Hashers. I haven’t heard much of that outfit for a few yeas, but I’m glad to see they are still out there and hashing all across korea and daejeon! The nicknames alone are worth attending for!

  2. Clever post with lots of great info. I’ve never personally taken advantage of the various meet-ups available (too introverted I guess), but they seem like a great way to meet like-minded individuals wherever you are in the world.

  3. That’s really cool! It would be a great experience for people visiting Daejeon to meet up some locals. It’s good that they have meetups for different types of personality. If I’m there, I’ll definitely attend the volunteer experience and the clothing exchange.

  4. Daejeon sounds like the place to be with all these meet ups! We searched high and low for a running club in Changwon but the Hash House Harriers sounds right up our alley! If we return to Korea Daejeon may have to be our new home. Also – Ted and Red is something I’m totally going to start wherever I call home.

    • When I lived in Masan a few years ago, there weren’t much going on. At least not organized by foreigners. After moving to Daejeon, I realized the importance of a larger city – more people and more things to do. But I do occasionally miss the rustic charm of a smaller Korean town – Dreambay Masan! always in my heart 🙂

  5. I love what’s happening in your Ted and Red meet-up. Free meet-ups are great especially for young expats who have time to spare and go out. Thanks to your list, I have additional ideas as to what our group can sponsor to do. Cheers, Alla!

  6. That’s a great round up. I need to get more info on the groups in Seoul. Every time I go out of Seoul, I always love how close knit the foreigner groups seem to be. Less foreigners so a bit forced closeness I guess. But it’s also cool. I used to be more active in the foreign groups until the babe was born. Now I feel like I should get back out again. A toastmasters group is ALWAYS fun. ^^

    • I suppose you’re right, Daejeon, being Korea’s 5th largest city is not too big and not too small. It’s just small enough to recognize foreigners that you meet at different events, but also just large enough to avoid an ex boyfriend/girlfriend 😛

  7. This is such a neat list and so great of you to promote your city!! I’ve never been to Daejeon but I love that it sounds like it’s very community-driven. I’d definitely love to check out the Ted and Red discussions as I love watching those talks on the regular and often find myself wishing I had someone to speak about the content. Have you attended this specific meetup?

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