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DJAC’s Fall exhibition ’12th night’ starts tomorrow!


Here are the 5 images that were printed on metal and handsomely displayed at our 12th DJAC exhibit.

As a proud mama of a Crystal Ball, I have spent some time experimenting with it and felt confident enough to bring it with me on my road trip this summer. While its heavy and cumbersome, it also has its fair share of advantages – like stares of envy from the other photogs and some fan@#$%tastic images! This summer’s photo project focused exclusively on creating imagery with it and I couldn’t be more proud about exhibiting some of my latest work at DJAC’s fall exhibition, which starts tomorrow!

In case you, dear reader, are not familiar with DJAC, read more about them in my article for the city of Daejeon here. 


Daejeon Arts Collective presents our fall exhibition, “Twelfth Night”. Join our opening exhibition on Saturday, October 14th, from 2:00 until 6:00 p.m with a short performance at 5:00 p.m.
대전 아트 콜렉티브(DJAC)의 “Twelfth Night” 가을전시를 10월 12일 대전갤러리(대전여중)에서 시작합니다.
토요일(14일. 2시-6시) 오프닝 파티에 “퍼포먼스(5시)”도 있으니 오셔서 간단한 다과와 함께 좋은 작품 관람하세요!

참여작가는 다음과 같습니다
You can view work from the following artists:
AC Parsons
Alla Ponomareva
Christopher Maslon
Hank Haddock
Jin Jeong
Michael Mellinger
Monica Nickolai
Rosalie Knaack
Paul Fortunado
Chris Brunjes
Johan Eduard Francis
Suné Horn
Yeri Lee
Yunhee Kang

To find Daejeon Gallery, go to exit 3 of Jungang-no Station. Walk past KEB Hana Bank and turn left after the cathedral. Walk past the next intersection. Daejeon Gallery is on the left side of the road behind a small parking lot.
대전 갤러리: 지하철 중앙로 3번출구로 나오셔서 대흥동 성당에서 우측으로 돌면 대전여중 쪽 주차장으로 오시면 됩니다
밑 링크로 위치 확인하세요

We hope to see you there!


  1. Wow! Too bad I live in Seoul. I remember your photos with the crystal balls and they were amazing. Now you’re one of the featured photographers in the exhibit. Congratulations, Alla! And keep going…

  2. This is awesome Alla! I love how involved you are with the local art community in Daejeon. And those pics must look stunning! The one on this post is really cool. How exactly does the ball work? Is it very popular in the photog community?

    • It is, but it isn’t. When I photograph with it on the street, other photogs are always perplexed as to what it is and what it does. But if you search around, there are already many images featuring this inexpensive prop. Thank you for your compliments! I’ll post more of my exhibit photos later this week.

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