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For the past month I’ve been busy teaching my first photography course at a local university, here in South Korea. It has been a lot of fun, especially going on photo walks with my students, seeing their results and even a very small progress in just the last three weeks. This class also helped me grow as an educator and a photographer, needing to put into words skills and aspects I’ve learned about six years ago. One of the biggest lessons that I hope my students take away from the class is the necessity to constantly educate themselves in the art of photography (there is a lot more to learn than what I can instill in them in mere four weeks) and of course, the need to always practice and refine their skills.

Here I’ve accumulated a list of sources that have helped me grow and prosper as a photographer, an artist and an overall a more creative individual. I believe that especially for beginner photography enthusiasts, these sources are daily must!

First of all, viewing images from the greater photographic community of the Internet should not come as a surprise but a regular homework to hone other people’s vision and in turn build your own.

To connect with photographers in your communities, at this day and age, Facebook should be the go to. In South Korea, these are the most common sites used by fellow photogs:

If you’re more into just listening/reading and learning, then try the following pages, most of which provide a plethora of FREE photography content:


Of course, some of my education came from not just sitting and staring at my computer, though I’m a big fan of that. There have also been books, paid courses, workshops, photo walks, personal lessons and tips from the person who got me into this journey – my mom.

Basically, by creating a helpful list of FREE sources, there are no more excuses to not pursue your art and your passion. Go on, get to learning, practicing and don’t hold back!!!


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  1. I studied 3 units of photography when I was in college. I stopped after that. I felt guilty of not constantly educating myself in the art of photography. Thanks for compiling all these helpful resources. 🙂

  2. These are great tips. I have been really trying to get better at photography recently but sometimes I feel like I’m just never going to excel! Sometimes my photos turn out how I imagine but sometimes they just don’t. Will definitely have a look at some of these resources. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Congratulations! It’s so cool that you’re teaching something at a University – especially something about which you have passion and talent. How are you enjoying your students? Are you feeling inspired by them, too?

  4. The Filipino community in Korea also has two photography groups ~ FILIPOS (now 5 years old) and Pinoy Clickers. They have regular photo shoots but they’re always on Sundays ~ which is a family day at home. They’re not very active online though. I like Seoulighters and there are so many skillful photographers in that group. I didn’t know about B and H Youtube channel until your post ~ I ordered my DSLR from them four years ago!

  5. Wow! Thanks for all the useful sites! I would love to learn how to take good photos, but as I don’t own a DSLR camera and as Winter makes it painfully cold to stay outside, I think I might give it a pass for a few months.

    • Nicky, cold weather can definitely be a deterrent but sometimes the only way to stand out from the crowd – is to do something different, right?! Also, don’t think that having a smart phone you’re limited in learning photography. Great skills come from the mind’s eye and photographic rules done right, not from the gear – check me out sounding all philosophical, but it’s true!

  6. Isn’t it nice to be teaching something you love? and thank you for these daily doses of visual delight. going through photos does inspire. my level though is more on appreciating than shooting:-).

  7. Wow, Alla how freaking cool that you are teaching a photography class in SoKo! How did that come about? Have you taught photography in a formal setting before? Would love to hear more about this experience! Look forward to a recap post about the teaching gig 🙂

    • Thanks Rocio! It was my first venture into teaching photography – a four week Basic Photography Course at KAIST. It was a lot of fun and the best part was venturing out with the students on photo walks around the city.

  8. I wish I was your student Alla! I keep on saying I want to learn but I feel like its not a hobby I can just pick up and get good at but it will take years of practice. After I invest in a good camera, I’ll be hitting this list up and pretending that you’re whispering some tips into my ear!

  9. Such a helpful post! I think you hit the nail on the head by saying that educating yourself is the key. That is paramount. There are so many resources out there, which like you said, leaves no room for excuses. With that being said, I think it can be difficult to choose because there really are SO many choices. I heard about Creative Live after listening to an interview of Chase Jarvis on the The Tim Ferriss Show podcast….such a great concept and vision. Thanks for compiling this!

  10. What a wonderful resource! I am a wanna-be photographer (but sadly I don’t have the time), so I’m bookmarking your page for a feeling-inspired kind of day. I am honestly surprised that Instagram was on the list, because I always thought that photographers like yourself might have a different platform (since Instagram nowadays seems so crowded and unfiltered.) I’m happy to know that photographers are looking for inspiration from commoners’ photos as well, haha 🙂 Thank you for this post!

    • I mentioned Instagram because it seems like everyone is using it, as well as photography pros. Don’t assume that the images that you see on there were all taken with a cell phone – they weren’t. Either way, looking at and studying photography from any site by both pros and non should be helpful for inspiration and motivation.

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