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One photo you MUST take every year!

Unless of course you’re in charge of taking the picture…:(

Haha, no!

As a self appointed family photographer of my tribe, as I compiled this post, I’ve realized exactly that – I have been the one taking the picture and even if I’m not IN some of them, I was still a huge part of creating our annual family photographs – from aligning schedules of 3 families, rallying up the gang, requesting an outfit color, posing them and making magic happen in PS.

Over the years it has become our non-traditional tradition and writing this post made me realize how valuable those moments have become. Not only because of my ever changing hair color (what can I say a girl loves to play), but because of the fact that people have left this world since we’ve started…

And if that’s not THE TOP reason to take annual family photographs then you need to re-evaluate your priorities and what truly matters.

Ideally, all you need is a camera and a tripod (so no one gets left out, again…), but to make sure everyone is in focus, perfectly lit, well situated, smiling and worthy to hang on your family memory wall, I’d recommend you hire a professional photographer or visit a photography studio near you!

Unless of course, you’re a family of freeloaders (like us) who hope that after 5 years of shots, their daughter in law finally makes a winner! The wait is unreal… 🙂

Winter 2009

Summer 2012

Ironically, I could not find this picture if my life depended on it. Until I browsed grandpa’s Facebook feed. Rest in peace old man and thanks for moments like these!

Summer 2014

Summer 2015

Summer 2016

Summer 2017

So, stop putting it off, grab your favorite people in the world and start snapping. Today is as good day as any other!

P.S. Just as important as taking an annual family photo is having a consistent and foolproof way of saving and backing up your photos. Based on the example above, I’m still working on mine…

Or let me do it for you, check out what other families let me do to them 🙂

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  1. I’m not a professional like you but I do like taking photos, too and I call myself my family’s “memory-keeper”…. your family’s lucky to have these professional photos done by you!

  2. Whoa your red hair looked so cool!! I’m a fan. And this is such a good idea, especially since I have young nephews and they grow up so damn fast. It’s a nice way to capture their growth and the aging of the rest of us haha. Definitely gonna do this when I’m back in Chicago:)

    • Red hair is neat for like a week and then it starts to fade to…orange Carrott Top-looking mess. As for your move back to Chicago, Izzy (a fellow blogger/administrator) is also calling it home. What are the odds 🙂

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