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Photography 101: One of many ways to improve your photography

Did you know that the jaw-dropping images that you find yourself swooning over on Instagram or any other photography-focused site were created? No, they weren’t just shot or snapped, they are meticulously planned and researched before the sound of the shutter was ever heard. I believe that rarely masterpieces are taken accidentally while driving by a side of a beautiful scene. Regularly, photographers tend to revisit the same locations over and over again, hoping for better conditions (light, weather, seasonal changes, lack or availability of people, utilizing different equipment/techniques, etc).

While living in the same city for the past 8 years, it is challenging to always keep yourself entertained with a different photographic location or scene. Sometimes you feel like you’ve shot it all!

On the contrary, each location can have dozens if not more varying looks based on the conditions described above. If you have a tendency to shoot during sunny hours of the day, challenge yourself and your creativity by shooting at different times of the day or when its cloudy, stormy, rainy or snowy. If spring is your favorite season, see if you can also fall in love with summer, winter or fall, while revisiting and observing the changes at the same locations.

That is exactly what I did when I revisited the same park – National Cemetery of Daejeon – at different seasons, creating the contrasting scenes you see below.  
While the images showcased here were not created with the same angles in mind, looking back at the session I noticed that I tended to prefer the same angles. So contrasting post was born!

I hope that you too feel inspired to capture the seasons at one park or at a single scene. Practicing and playing around with your creative vision is exactly what makes photography such an exciting and everlasting hobby. So let’s get to clicking!

Have you shot the same spot at different conditions? If so, I’d love to see your examples in the comments below.

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  1. Very interesting! I do have some photos taken in different seasons around my neighborhood. They’re somewhere around my facebook photos. Though I didn’t intentionally revisit them, I found it to be an interesting exercise to see the changing of seasons in photos. Now I feel like I want to intentionally do this. Your photos are awesome and inspiring.

  2. I never considered revisiting a location I’ve shot or blogged about. Usually when it comes to my articles I’m a hit it and quit it type of guy. I see the appeal though of going back, especially during different seasons. The difference is so dramatic and striking!

    • Your type of blogging is definitely more challenging because you always have to try to find new places/parties/restaurants to showcase. But then again, Seoul is so ever changing that maybe its easy?!?

  3. This is such a great tip Alla! I love how different the pics are of the exact same place. You’ve captured the passage of time so beautifully. This tip reminds me of reading somewhere about taking the same photo everyday for a certain period of time, preferably a year since the conditions will most definitely vary with weather, season, time of day, etc.

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