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Portrait: Breanna

This week’s portrait came from playing with my two beautiful nieces. This is Breanna, she is reserved and quiet, but once you get her laughing, her energy fills the space. We went on a picnic and had a wonderful time playing, eating and photographing.

It was a beautiful day for back lit trees which result in gorgeous bokeh, surrounding the subject. I don’t think I have any other photographs or portraits that feature such an effect. I think it looks perfect with my young model and goes well with a positive, bright and playful mood of the day. Check out her funky teeth, they definitely add some playfulness and silliness to the shot. Additionally, piggy tails that I did for her earlier in a day make her look like a sweet little Peppe Long Stocking!

EXIF: f4, iso200, 1/200sec. All natural light.

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