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Review: Daejeon Craft Beer and Music Festival 2017

On June 2-4, 2017 Daejeon was filled with an astonishing amount of laughter and joy as thousands of people visited Craft Beer and Music Festival. The event took place near the famous Hanbit Tower and lasted every day from 3 pm-11 pm. Dozens of food and beer vendors lined up in anticipation of the hungry and thirsty crowds which came from all corners of Daejeon as well as from other Korean cities. 


After last year’s success of the 1st Craft Beer Festival, The Weizen Haus Brewery and MBC organized this year’s exciting event. This time The Weizen Haus was joined by 14 other breweries from Busan to Seoul and everywhere in between. You could have tasted amazing beers from: The Ranch Brewing Company, Whasoo Brewery, Brau Breitbach, Gorilla Brewing Co, Levee Brewing Company, Playground Brewery, Galmegi Brewing Co, D First, Abnormal Beer Co, Kramer Lee Brewery, The Table Brewing Company, Praha, Kabrew and 7Brau.

The youngest kid on the block was The Ranch Brewing Company of Daejeon, but definitely as delicious as the other, more established players of the bunch. The Ranch Brewery is scheduled to open its doors soon. Follow their Facebook or Instagram for more information.

Other than eating and drinking, there was also chances to pose for a selfie near some cool beer-related props.


The crowds enjoyed chicken, steak, sausages and other foods as they listened to the groovy tunes of the performers.

The line up of foreign and Korean bands drew some crowds who were definitely ready to get down to the beat.

My favorite beers would have to be Yuja Sour from Galmegi, Sour Grapefruit from the Weizen Haus and Blonde Ale from the Ranch Brewing Company!

Thank you for organizing such an amusing and delicious event. We hope to have more just like it in Daejeon!


  1. It’s great how craft beer has exploded here in the last few years…at least one good move on the part of the government to deregulate a bit, so smaller players could get a chance. I’m not a drinker, but this looks like a fun event nonetheless, and great pics as always! 🙂

    • That is very true Shelley, if it wasn’t for the recent changes in the policies, we wouldn’t be proud co-investors in Daejeon’s newest brewery – The Ranch Brewing Company! Very excited to be a part of a start up 🙂

  2. Looks like craft beer is really getting popular there in Daejeon. You also blogged about the Junetoberfest and your husband has craft beer brewing class. Fantastic! Enjoy all the beer flavors!

    • Wendy, I used to hate beer back at university. But when I met my husband who still educates me on the subtleties of various beer varieties, I found it even more impressive than the varieties of Wine (still drink and love it though). I’m glad that the love for craft beers is making its mark in Korea and in smaller cities like Daejeon!

  3. The crowd looked awesome. I think the whole idea about craft brewing is much more appealing than the actual beer. I like the mechanics and process of making the different flavors (brews?) to be exciting. I’ve got to take a class someday. Do you guys bring the classes to Seoul at all?

  4. Firstly, I love craft beer. Secondly, the entertainment looks fabulous. I really like the colourful crowd shot you took where the lights bounce off the fog machine smoke. The crowd looks lively! Thirdly. for the exhibitionists among us, I think the slogan wall looks great for posing! I wanted to see that beer food you mentioned, especially the sausages. Nice job.

  5. Love that craft beer is becoming a “thing” here! I love beer so this festival is right up my alley. I hope they have more festivals like this during the summer, I really want to attend! ps. What camera was that in the shot???

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