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Review of ‘Junetoberfest VII’

Summer is here, blasting us with it’s humidity, heat and soon Korean rain season – “Jangmal.” But not all things are torturous and uncomfortable when it comes to Korean summers, one of them being the arrival of June and in turn – Junetoberfest. Junetoberfest is what Daejeon Brewers Guild has decided to call its summer home-brew get-togethers, resembling (ever so slightly) ‘Octoberfest’ – courtesy of our German beer-drinking counterparts.

This year marks Junetoberfest’s 7th showcase of home brewed beers and usually gathers brewers from all over the peninsula. Considering the size of this place, an afternoon event is perfect to get your drink on, socialize and still have plenty of time to stumble on home. Korea, we love ya, but the lack of decent beers in yesteryears is what drove/drives many of the brewers to obtain equipment and start concocting beers in the comfort of their own villas/officetels/apartments/juteks.

And if beer is not your poison of choice, some brewers occasionally showcase other potent beverages of their own creations, such as mead, makkoli (Korean rice wine) and other less known drinks.

In the past, Junetoberfest events always called a certain bridge home, this year, the newly built Daejeon-based craft brewery – The Ranch Brewing Company – was kind enough to be the host for ‘Junetoberfest VII’ antics.

Let’s take a look…

As for the beers themselves, there were the likes of Golden Ale, IPA, Gose, Porter, Scottish Ale, Sour Solera and more! Of course some commercial beers were also available, with the agreement that they must not be utter “shit,” Hite, Cass, OB – you know where you stand with the home brewers!

Oh did I forget to mention, that originally the idea of Junetoberfest and each event’s organization is done by my favorite brewer on the peninsula – Garrett Hohn – my hubby-extraordinaire 😛

G is the one on the right!

There were also plenty of yummy food options, courtesy of the generous attendants of this merry event.

These entertaining events always last till the sun down and we were thankful to have such a lovely back drop.

Thank you to all who came out to Junetoberfest VII and to those who have been our royal attendees throughout the years – YOU ROCK!!!


If you’re interested in brewing, contact Daejeon Brewers Guild for more information.

If you’re interested in learning about beer brewing, check out Garrett Hohn’s I Brew – U Brew Beer.

If you’re interested in Daejeon beer scene, check out this weekend’s upcoming Craft Beer Festival 2017, hosted by the city of Daejeon! If its anything like last year’s its going to be AWESOME!

If you’re curious about trying some locally made craft beer in Daejeon, visit The Ranch Brewing Company!


Stay Tuned! It’s summer, so there are lots more beer-related posts on the way from Korea, America and beyond!


  1. It looks like you had a grand ole time! I wish I could get into beer. It all tastes so grimacing to me. Well, except for a red stripe or a san miguel. Still the home brew craze excites! All the different flavors of brews being dreamed up all sound so good to the ears. Now if only they can make it not taste like beer! Hmmm….

  2. This looks so nice. I’m always in to try new beer so this would be right up my alley. There is so much shitty beer in this country and if you find good beer it’s crazy expensive. It must be so nice you have a beer brewing community going on in Daejeon. Cool can too. Did they do the design themselves?

  3. How awesome – never heard of this and it looks like so much fun! The usual suspects like Cass, Hite can get boring after a while so it’s great to have something new to try!

  4. Oh wow! Your husband actually offers classes. Up to this day, my husband’s brewing equipment is still waiting for him to use it. He is really interested (thus, the purchase) but in between business trips and probably the lack of interested companions to do it with (told him, I won’t ever get involved hahaha) he hasn’t attempted to start yet. Craft beer aficionados are really growing in numbers. Glad for you that you have found company there in Daejeon to enjoy it with. The gathering looks well-attended and with such picturesque night backdrop!

  5. I really love beer festivals. I lived for a while in BC, Canada where local breweries are plentiful and we beer drinkers are spoilt! I love a tasty amber ale, but can’t stand IPAs which have lots of hops. I’m excited for beer festivals in Seoul this summer. I don’t really make it down to Daejeon. Here’s hoping that the food stalls can get their act together and produce food as efficiently as the delicious beer producers so we have timely food to accompany all that delicious beer!

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