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Have you browsed the Internet for photographs and only came up with posed, fake-looking stock images of generic people, doing mundane things?

As an EFL teacher in South Korea, teaching Conversation courses, images are my most valuable asset so as to provide an engaging and motivational speaking and writing practice for my students. I believe that spending the time to create certain worksheets should not be wasted on my solo use and therefore I would like to share some of my worksheets with you!

I’ve created free PDF files with images used from my photography, which I hope will make a difference in your basic to advanced ESL and EFL classes.

Please enjoy and share!

Picture descriptions

Short writing stories

Meme creation

If there are any other websites/sources which provide authentic photography worksheets, please share below!

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Free photography worksheets and resources for ESL/EFL Teachers


  1. Wow these are great for people who get to create their own lessons! We don’t get to do that for the company we work for- but I will keep these in mind if we end up doing a teaching gig where we could! I love the photos you chose and I could see so many people finding these very useful! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. This is great! And you’re so right, the ESL photos that come up on google are just awful! This will be such a great resource for so many teachers 🙂 x

  3. These are great! If I ever find myself teaching ESL again I will definitely reference back to these. Thanks for sharing this awesome resource!

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