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Editing in LR with Sleek Lens’s “Into the Woods” landscape bundle

Francis Ford Coppola believes this about movies: “The essence of cinema is editing.” And since cinematography is moving pictures, I’d argue that editing in photography is just as crucial. As photographers, we learn our craft and always search for tricks or accessories to improve the final result. Sometimes its a filter, sometimes its the use of a tripod, and many times its the use of a certain Photoshop or Lightroom technique, action or preset. The beauty of being a creative professional is having an opportunity to make our photographs as incredible as our sense of aesthetic lets us. Luckily, we don’t have to waste too much time figuring out each button inside our editing software or feel forever puzzled at how the others achieve a certain result.

Now, you can rely on the expertise of editing companies like Sleek Lens, which are eager to assist with all your editing needs!

I got introduced to Sleek Lens’s “Into the Woods” LR Presets and Brush collection and was excited to try something new when editing my summer’s road-trip from Montana to Grand Canyon with my mom. This trip created great chances to photograph some amazing landscapes inside and outside 5 different National Parks. Shooting with two cameras (Canon 5d Mark 2 and Fuji XT10), I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life editing thousands of pictures that were made in those 9 fantastic days. Having the right presets to do the job can help you breeze through the workflow and spend a lot less time behind the soul-sucking screen.

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Installing the Presets and Brushes was super easy with Sleek Lens’ how to videos. It took a total of maybe 5 minutes or less.

This bundle is compatible with Lightroom 4, 5 ,6 and Adobe Creative Cloud and work on both Mac and PCs on Raw or JPEG photographs.


Getting Acquainted

Realizing that there are actual videos for using this bundle, I quickly browsed through them so as to get a better idea of how tos and what not. This was very helpful in making this relatively seasoned LR user in feeling like: “Ok, I got this!”

89 “Into the Woods” Presets are well organized in folders, which look like this:

  • All in One
  • Base
  • Exposure
  • Color
  • Tone/Tint
  • Polish
  • Vignette

This order makes it easy for a user to go down the list and creatively manipulate each aspect of their photograph without feeling like they’ve omitted something.

With the ability to stack/layer them, 89 presents and 42 brushes, turn into a limitless number of creative possibilities.

The Brushes also come in stacks of:

  • Basic
  • Color
  • Effect
  • Haze
  • Lights


The Results

It needs to be mentioned that I’m not usually a fan of showing my before and after photographs. I’m a huge proponent of letting the viewer enjoy the final result, like a chef who doesn’t readily advertise his secrets. But for the sake of educating and passing on the knowledge, I’m gladly sharing how I’ve created these images.

Presets used: All in One Dawn Rising

Tone/Tint Warm it up


Subtle Black Vignette

Presets used: Punchy

Medium Black Vignette

Also removed some car window spots with a clone tool.

Presets used: Dawn Rising

Presets used: Converted to Black and White

Brush – Brighten Shadows

Brush- Contrast and Clarity

Brush – Cloudy Sky Definition

Presets used: Extending DR



Highlights play

Presets used: HDR

Presets used: Shine into the Sunset

Brush – Brighten Shadows

Brush – Cloudy Sky Definition

Brush – Contrast and Clarity

Presets used: Warm it Up

Brush – Contrast and Clarity

Brush – Brighten Shadows

Brush – Golden

Brush – Warmer

The photo was also rotated and cropped.

Presets used: HDR

Add Clarity


Subtle Black Vignette

Photo was also cropped

To see more of my landscape photography from our road-trip (also edited using “Into the Woods” Bundle), follow me on Instagram at @allaponomarevaphoto!

Final Thoughts

While some people feel strongly about showcasing their unedited photos, I believe that each creative has the right to freedom. Freedom to shoot where and how you want with the gadget and editing of your choosing. Personally, I love pushing my images to be more saturated than they appear in real life, more clear, with a certain sense of POP.

“Into the Woods” Presets helped me achieve the look that I wanted and on many occasions in just a few clicks. It was easy to install, to navigate and fun to play with. As much as I love taking photographs, I also reap a lot of pleasure in seeing the original version transform into a more refined and colorful masterpiece. And editing doesn’t need to take long otherwise 9 days worth of images would have ended up sitting on a drive for months before being looked at. I believe that companies like Sleek Lens and their PS and LR Presets are helping novice photographers as well as professionals to create stunning imagery. And with this landscape bundle being offered for only $31, you can’t deny that 89 presets and 42 brushes would be a great addition to your workflow.

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  1. I agree that creatives who want to edit photographs are certainly free to do so if they’re looking for a certain feel or look or whatever. I would also add, presets are useful for beginners like me, who need all the help they can get in getting their photos to look decent without having to spend countless hours wading through complex editing programs and tutorials. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Editing makes such a difference in photography! I do think that it’s best used sparingly and to enhance what’s already there, rather than relying heavily to *make* a photo. I think the filter works best on the nature photos, it really brings them to life and gives an almost fairy feel. I just need to keep practicing in LR now then eventually move on tho more sophisticated editing tools like this!

    • Presets are not that sophisticated, Rocio, they just sound like it to newbies. In fact they require less work on your part and just pushing of 1 or two buttons to decide which preset to use with which photo. Adjusting the preset settings is up to you, but for most of the presets above, it took maybe 1-3 minutes to come up with the final result.

  3. I edit almost all my photos these days, particularly if i’m about to post the pictures on Instagram. Your after photos look great. I tend to use whatever program I have available on my laptop/ tablet, and haven’t actually bothered to seek out editing programs.Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    • Considering the amount of photos we’re bombarded with on the regular bases, I feel like if you post an unedited photo, it’ll get lost in the crowd. Why not help you “babies” stand out 🙂

  4. Bye photoshop? For me who hasn’t been exposed to photoshop (i don’t know how), this is a welcome editing tool. I only use the built-in editing tool in instagram and basic editing tools in Photos. Your photos look great after editing and you’re very honest to show the raw photos. Still, your raw photos only need little editing because they’re good already.

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