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Summer photography project

Preamble: last week I took an unplanned break from blogging due to traveling and failing to recall my login or password (damn those auto save features). But now we are back to regularly scheduled programming with weekly posts every Wednesday  (Mountain time, not Seoul time).

Summer time is the perfect time to start something new, whether it’s a workout routine, learning a musical instrument or raising chickens, my new something this year is going to be photography related. It’s going to push my creative roadblocks, make me a better thinker and observer and will, hopefully, teach me to think more out of the box, testing the limits of what has already been accomplished photographically-speaking with a single crystal ball.


Yes, you may have seen my slow growing obsession with a crystal ball on my Instagram feed, which happens to reflect whatever is behind it and putting it upside down. It’s a very neat accessory, which I’ve started to carry with me whenever I bring my camera.


Back to this summer’s plans. While most of our 2 month vacation (teaching is the best!) will  be spent at our compound  (20 acres off grid near Missoula, Montana), I’ve already photographed this place to death. But not with a crystal ball! The challenge is clear – crystal ball the $%^& out of this place and make it interesting!


Challenge #2: bring the crystal ball on my road trip in a few weeks and document the likes of Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and everything on the way there and in between.


Challenge accepted!


And now some of my favorite photographs since starting IG in January 2017 (I’m a late bloomer, what can I say).


Are you on IG (of course you are), what’s your handle, let’s follow each other! I’m @allaponomarevaphoto


Do you enjoy crystal ball photography? What is your favorite photo?

Have you done a photography project? If so, which one and how did it go?


  1. Daebak! That crystal ball does wonders to your already amazing photos, Alla. I can’t even say which one is my favorite because all those photos are simply great. I am a fan. Congrats for another job well done. Keep on!

  2. The crystal ball challenge is great. You really used it in ways I wouldn’t have thought of. I’m still trying to break out of the point and shoot box. I need one of these projects to spark some creativity with my photos! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Brian, cameras are not very important when it comes to feeding your creativity hunger. Just pick something you really love and start!

  3. Well, I never expected that a crystal ball could be so interesting, haha. My favourite photo is the one of the woman riding a bicycle displayed upside down in the crystal ball. Really nice pictures!

  4. I always love your photography but this is extra special! I’ve only ever known crystal balls to be used for fortune telling haha so it’s cool to see it used in this way. What a creative idea! You’ve inspired me to start thinking out the box more when it comes to photogràphy!

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