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Taiwanese dishes and snacks

Oh man, talk about culinary adventure in just 6 short days. Visiting the cities of Taipei, Beitou, Wulai and Jiufen was such a pleasing roller-coaster of culinary delights, such as Ding Tai Fung’s pork and crab dumplings, wild boar sausages of Wulai, .50 cent street buns filled with pork, cabbage or other unexpected innards. Then there were fried tofu meals, a gazillion different types of soups, bubble tea, baby beer, chicken legs, cilantro ice cream, stinky tofu, rice cake on a stick covered with condensed milk and more weirdly surprising, but irresistibly yummy delicacies of Taiwan.

The picture below was the first image I took (these are eggs) of what I thought was less than exciting introduction to Taiwanese food at a local convenience store.

And then Rao Night Market redeemed itself with some interesting selections.

The following day we wondered into an international shop, which was full of mysterious fruit and baby beer. One shot anyone?

A whole new post should be dedicated to the incredible workmanship and popularity (rightly so) of ‘Ding Tai Fung’ in the basement of Taipei 101. It’s good to rub shoulders with the likes of Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern (no, they weren’t there than, but at one point in the past!)

Even at public temples, you could witness donations of some incredible proportions. Is anyone going to eat this chicken?

Wulai’s famous wild boar sausages were a bit too sweet for my liking, but they come in three savory flavors, even for the pickiest of eaters: lemon, pepper and wine.

For lovers of sweet delights, you’d be tickled to know that Taiwan, like Hong Kong, is a proud maker of Egg Tarts. They are airy and light and a perfect combination to your morning tea or coffee.

Jiufen was wonderful and it’s free tasters of Taiwanese tea, snack portions of cilantro ice cream and other inviting options available for purchase.

And the list goes on (and all of that in only 6 days). I wonder if I’d need a whole new Food Blog after visiting Taiwan for a month. Exploring is so much fun, especially when it involves vittles.

Did you visit Taiwan and eat something really memorable? If so, leave me your info in the comments below.

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