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The LOVE Project: Brittany and Sunhan

What did you think when you first saw her?

Sunhan: “Just … foreigner. *laughs* ”

Brittany’s reaction: “What!”

What did you think when you first saw him?

Brittany: “Ah so there’s a cute instructor here…I think I’ll come climbing every day!”

Sunhan’s reaction: ㅋㅋㅋ *smile*

Where did you meet and who approached whom?

Brittany:  A week or so prior to the day we met, I had gone to Daegu to visit an English teacher friend of mine.  He (the friend) introduced me to rock climbing and I immediately liked the sport, so I decided I to find a climbing gym in Daejeon once I returned.  I was already a member of another gym, and asked the staff there (in my broken Korean) if they knew about rock climbing and could recommend any climbing gyms.  They told me of one in Tanbang-dong and that there was a staff member there who lived in the US for a while and could speak English well.

I went to the gym alone one day after work and Sunhan was one of the first people I met. He was a climbing instructor and was helping me find the right size shoes when I realized he was NOT the one who spoke English well.  Barely at all, actually. I was a little bummed, but decided to try to improve my Korean so I could try to talk to him.

Fast forward a few weeks and he came in one day with a new hat and I thought, ‘OH! I totally just learned the word for ‘hat’ in Korean!“ so I hit him with a smooth “모자 좋아해요” and he responded with “thanks.” SO ROMANTIC, I know …hahaha, but apparently it made an impact!  The next thing I knew I had a friend request from him on Facebook.  We used Facebook chat as a way to communicate more so we could translate things that we needed to, and ..yea, the rest is history.  🙂

*Sidenote: His English has improved SO much! And my Korean is decent as well 😉

What is your favorite thing to do together and where?

If you hadn’t figured it out already – rock climbing!  Either at an indoor climbing gym, at the outdoor wall at Yuseong, or outdoors on some real rocks!  We also both like exercise in general, so sometimes we will hit up the Korean public exercise parks together for a quick workout.


What would be his last meal?

Brittany: “Ramen. Oooh, that spiiiicy as hell ramen. What’s it called?”

Sunhan: “불닭볶음면.”

Brittany: “Right. He will literally cry while eating it… but he says he likes it, so…”

What would be her last meal?

Sunhan: “Baklava!”

Brittany: “Hahaha….glad he thought of that as a meal. I’m Greek and sometimes my parents send me baklava.^^”

What is the one word the sums him up?

Brittany: “I can’t choose just one!  I have to say genuine and selfless.”

What is the one word the sums her up?

Sunhan: “Passionate.”

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