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The Aroma Cafe – your own private back yard

Nestled among the high rises of Goejoeong-dong (near Tanbang) exists a very peaceful and quaint cafe that appears to look like someone’s home, except for the ‘Open’ sign outside. Don’t be intimidated by its cuteness among the concrete jungle of Daejeon, The Aroma Cafe will create a serene background for your lunch or a coffee date.

I found it with a recommendation from a friend and was pleasantly surprised to find such a lovely place not too far from Tanbang Subway Station. Keep reading to see why I found it so special.

I visited the Aroma cafe recently on a Saturday morning as soon as it opened at 11am and took a few photographs before the customers started rolling in. Some were working on DIY projects in the backroom, while others had lunch on the patio outside. I I drank my Frozen Yogurt Smoothie while enjoying the singing of birds from the trees on the property.

This cafe is full of very photogenic little corners and decorations, which make it super cute and lovely. The back room’s walls are covered in notes and you can spend hours sitting around reading/writing your own.

The decor of Cafe Aroma is concentrated on antique pieces with a modern twist. They are simple but placed in a very thought out manner. Its hard not to touch these adorable pieces or accidentally take one home.

Every customer who comes here is required to purchase a drink or something to eat (as expected). The menu is displayed whimsically on a branch as well as in photo albums. The first time I visited this place, I got to try an Ice Americano and a basil sandwich. The typically normal but The Aroma’s surprising Americano contained a frozen ice teddy bear which was sticking out of my drink. The poor fella was slowly drowning while I was taking my sips…how cute!

The sandwich was fresh and very tasty as I inhaled it while sitting on the veranda, chatting with my friend. Next time I’m definitely trying one of the cakes!

Other items on the menu consist of: coffees, juices, ades, bread products, deserts, set lunches, spaghetti, cream calzone, bi-bim noodles and others. Prices range from 2,300-11,900krw.

My sandwich below with iced Americano was only 6,900krw!

One of the best things about this cafe other than food and decorations is the outdoor area, which is quite large. Sit on the veranda and enjoy the chirping of the birds and all the free space around you. Yes, you’re still surrounded by large buildings but if you keep your gaze down you might just feel like you’re in your own private back yard – and its GREAT!


The Cafe Aroma

대전 서구 괴정동 10-13번지

Goejeong-dong Building 10-13

Daejeon, Seo-gu


Take the subway to Tangbang Station, Exit 1 and walk straight towards the main road. Cross the road and take the road between Paris Baguette and CU Convenience Store. The Aroma Cafe will be on your right.


  1. Wait, so this cafe is a DIY art cafe where you can bring projects to work on? I’m not sure I got it. Do they have supplies and tools you can use? Or am I reading too much into this and its more like an art cafe? An art space slash cafe would be a great idea! If they are not doing it already. Another great find!

  2. Ahh, the aesthetic of the place is great!! I continue to be pleasantly surprised with the endless of adorable cafes in Korea. Whenever I find myself in one with a great feng shui (which is often), I wish I could almost live there haha. If I ever make it to Daejeon again, I’ll try to make a pit stop in this lovely place!

  3. love that window in black and white… a little bit melancholy but romantic. you must have had a good time with your iced americano’s bear:-).

    cafes that brings out creativity is always a fun place to hang out in. it’s also good to see that there’s an ample space just outside. this must be a good place for moms wh want to relax a bit with kids who want to have space to run around. is it?

  4. Looks like a quaint place. It’s nice to find those spots where you can shut out the city for a little while, do some reading or some work, chat, and chill. Nice find!

  5. Wow I didn’t know Daejeon had gorgeous cafes like this? No need to go all the way up to Seoul I reckon. I’m crazy about boutique cafes and I could see myself spend a better part of a day here. Great photography as always. You really gave a good impression on what this place is actually like. I wish it was closer to my home then I would definitely pay this cafe a visit. The bear in your coffee is absolutely adorable.

  6. What a gorgeous little cafe, and your photos really do it justice. I especially love the little veranda in the back. It’s seems so hard to find outdoor spaces to have coffee in Korea (why the heck is that I wonder?). I have a cousin that lives in Daejeon…will def look this place up the next time I’m down there. 🙂 PS: That ice bear might be enough to make me order an iced americano (which I NEVER do) 😉

  7. Cute ice cube bear in your drink! I like the still life photographs you took, particularly the image of the piano, with dried flowers and classic literature. I’m not a big quaint café observer, but this place looks very cute, and quite large too. I’m yet to find my niche about what I like to photograph. Nice job.

  8. I love the look of this! I never really got to explore Dajeon, but maybe I should have if it has cozy spots like this. Love those wood beams in the ceiling and all the little artsy touches.

  9. Really like the idea of this place. Your photos and descriptions really made it somewhere I could imagine myself hanging out. People doing DIY projects is definitely something I could get behind. Awesome post here!

  10. I love artsy cafes! I think everything is Instagrammable there. I don’t drink coffee but I would buy one just for the teddy bear! I would definitely add this in my itinerary when I go to Daejeon.

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