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Tran Family Photography in Daejeon, South Korea

Photography can be a selfish hobby – all the expensive gear purchased, the time spent “out in the field” getting the shot, editing till all hours of the night, going out researching locations and more. On the other hand, this incredible pass time also allows you to be as social and as giving as you’d like with a remarkable ability to make others around you joyful. Whether its capturing a tender kiss from a loving fiance or giant smooches on both cheeks from two first time parents, photographers have the ability and the honor to capture it all and to make someone’s memories come to life every time they glance at that capture.

A few weeks ago, I got to do just that and couldn’t be more happy to share the final images of the Tran family photo session, created here in my home studio as well as just 10 minutes away. The smiles on the faces of these two new parents make me so elated and thankful for having been asked to spend time together while taking some shots. Thank you Laurie, Hoang and baby Kieran!!!

My favorite image? It would have to be this one:


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  1. Another beautiful family photo session. I’m still waiting for you to do a cosplay photo shoot! That would be truly spectacular especially if you can find the right background and setting. Maybe at one of the palaces? 🙂

    • Street style photography has its own spontaneous moments that I just don’t find as exciting to wait for as opposed to setting something up myself like in family/portraiture. Seoul Fashion Week? Yea thats some funky cool @#$, but everyone is so stiff there…

  2. Even with amateur photographers, I feel so happy whenever I see my photos. My, how much more if it comes from a pro like you. So, yes, photos give so much joy to the subject (who will later receive the photos).

    Those photos will be treasured forever by the family, Alla.

  3. It’s great you’re doing these sessions more and more regularly Alla! It’s a beautiful thing to capture special moments like these, and better yet to get paid to do so haha. Right now is also such a perfect time to do these with the changing foliage and all. I hope you continue to do more of these and sharing them with all of us!

  4. I LOVE these pics. I love that you aren’t scared to do children either. I contacted two different photographers here in Seoul and both told me they don’t “do” kids. I was like.. uhhh.. what? It takes a bit of practice maybe, but sheesh… photographing kids has to be one of the most fun I think. They are never still and stagnant. They make photos so animated and fun. These are beautiful. ^^

    • I don’t think of myself as a children person, but people have told me I’m great with kids when I photograph them. Maybe its my creative side working over time as entertainer/clown. Photogs who don’t even want to give family portraiture a try are missing out! I’d love to photograph you and your family if you’re ever in Daejeon!!!

  5. Awesome shots, Alla! As a photographer myself, it really is unreal how we have the opportunity to capture beautiful moments that people will look at for years to come. It’s always a joy to come check out your work!

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