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My Top 10 Instagram images from 2017

Guess how long it took for me to get an account even though Instagram has been around for 7 years?

6 years!

My account #allaponomarevaphoto is approaching it’s first birthday and yes, it is (was) a stubborn beginning.

Why, I was thinking, do we need another Social Media platform, when Facebook takes care of all the needs?

My reasoning for staying with Instagram a year later are:

  • Like Pinterest, it provides an interface with a never ending feed of gorgeous imagery for constant inspiration.
  • I enjoy seeing all my images in one feed, without the need to click on folders when showing friends or prospective clients
  • The community of IGers is at 800 million active users, which is a @#%-ton of talented people to follow, connect and to be inspired by.
  • Being only a click away from interested clients, guest bloggers or other paying opportunities that are interested in collaborating/growing my brand.

So needless to say, 1 year and almost 1400 followers later (yay!), I think I’ll stick around and share my Top 10 images from 2017:











This post is a 2nd annual showcase of my passion for photography and I hope you take a moment to visit my last year’s Top 10. 

So, do you have IG? Let’s connect! Leave your handle in the comments below and I’d love to be a part of your online network.

Also, let me know which image from the ones listed above you liked the most and don’t forget to LIKE it with some clicking love. Thanks!

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  1. Wow! It’s awesome to see how much your Instagram has grown over the past year. And I love your engagement photos. You catch some really lovely perspectives. I hope 2018 continues to be productive and inspirational for you!

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