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Top posts from 2016

In order to document my travels, showcase my journey through learning photography and to help others with travel tips and tricks, last year I decided to take my blog more seriously, starting It took a few months of moving posts from my previous blogging space, picking out a theme, playing with theme colors, widgets and layout. On April 21st I was live! Since then, I wrote a number of posts, mostly staying with the theme of Photography and Travel and some of them resonated more with people than others. Today, based on the popularity of the posts, I’d like to summarize my Top 10 articles from this past year.


Uselessly Useful Daejeon Facts – Part 1


Uselessly useful Daejeon Facts – Part 2


If you find yourself in Libby, Montana


Daejeon’s English-speaking Sports Clubs and Teams


Sharing is caring, especially among teachers


Accommodation pick: Off-grid mountain Montana cabin


The LOVE Project: Designing with Yeri Lee


Daejeon’s Top 8 parks


The LOVE Project: Belly Dancing


Harvest Ridge Winery

Thank you to all who have been in front of my camera this past year – from the LOVE Project participants to families, friends, beer breweries, wineries, sports events and festivals. I hope to do all of that and more as the newly appointed member of the Social Media Reporters group for the city of Daejeon. Check out more of my Daejeon stories as I cover events, festivals, establishments and celebrations at this blog. While will be more focused on photography, education and travel around Korea and abroad. Stay tuned!


  1. Wow! Looks like you’ve been pretty busy. Great job on giving info about the best places in Daejeon. The Love Project is a wonderful idea, it really adds the human side to you photographs.

  2. Like some of the other blogs tha I have read, you have had an amazing year. My favorite post was actually your one on stock images and EFL.Your pics are way better that some of the stuff we see online. We still haven’t been to Daejon, but we have every intention of checking it out.

    • Thank you! Yes, switching between blogs/sites took a while of figuring out and tweaking (still is) but I like to have my own domain and a streamlined site with all my hobbies in one place

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