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Top 10 Korean Travel groups

Some of my fondest adventures in Korea came from pre-planned, pre-paid group trips, offered by various companies via or Facebook.

allaponomareva-scuba-koreaallaponomareva-paragliding-koreaI’ve gone thrill seeking, while kayaking, white water rafting, paragliding, caving, zip lining and scuba diving with sharks. I participated and photographed the biggest Cherry Blossoms Festival in Jinhae, Holi Hai Festival in Busan, the Mud Festival in Daecheon beach, hiked around North Korea border, Temple Stayed, seen and walked the tunnels of the DMZ, hiked various mountains, went skiing and mud wrestling.

There are always new and exciting adventures that await those who are not afraid to roam and wander. My list of unseen places goes on and on and I’ve lived in this country since I was 23!

If you think that most of these trips originate out of Seoul, you are correct, but with the ever growing number of participants, they’ve started making a pit stop in a city near you. Just check for event details or inquire on the event page!


I almost wish my annual summer trip to Montana was delayed to enjoy fabulous line up of summer festivities in Korea. Will you join a trip? If so, let me know how it goes in the comments below. I’d love to hear about your experiences and see some photographs that you’ll take.

Here are in no particular order, a list of groups and companies that make us look toward the weekend and wake up readily at 6 am on a Saturday:

WinK Travels

Adventure Korea

Enjoy Korea

Trazy- Travel Crazy Korea

Goh Travel Korea 

Waegook Travel

Climbing in Korea

Seoul Hiking Group

The Seoul Hangout, travel and hiking group

Paragliding in Korea




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Thank you and stay tuned for next week’s Uselessly Useful Daejeon Facts Part 2!

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  1. Oh wow! I didn’t realize there were so many groups! There’s a few on here we’ve kept our eyes on and even did a group tour to the parting of the sea festival in Jindo a few years ago! Group trips are a great way to meet other people and see the country! So many people will find this information useful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This post was super helpful and is great! All people should know about these travel groups. Sometimes it’s super refreshing to go on group tours and not worry about accommodation or transport. The only bad side is sometimes people are late, but other than that, great!

  3. You’re so right!!! They’re organising so many awesome trips — too bad I’m not in Korea now 🙁
    I’m going to make it a point to join these trips when I’m back in Daejeon!!!

  4. First I have to say I didn’t know you were selling prints! Wonderful! Wish you every success with your online store 🙂
    Second, this is such a great round up post. These groups are a great way to meet people, especially if you you’re new in Korea. They are a great way to see more of the country in the most convenient way! x

    • Yes, I use 2 online selling places – “Fine Art America” – for prints and merchandise and “Redbubble” for the clothing gear with my photographs on them like scarves, skirts and leggings. Its so neat to see your art as an every day-type object that people can use. What platform do you use for your online store?

  5. I love your photos! I’ve used a few of these groups and I have to say WiNK is my favorite! I went on one with Seoul Hiking Group and the leader Warren got into a massive fight with some girl and dropped her off on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere in the pitch darkness. She’d been inquiring if he could drop her off in a few miles so she could meet her coteacher as she lived in the deep countryside. It was one of my first weekends in Korea and I thought about her often as she didn’t have a phone and there was no stores in sight! I luckily ran into her on a WiNK trip about a year later and she was safe. I’ve heard other stories about SHG; my friend went on a trip with them and they left behind an ENTIRE BUS LOAD OF PEOPLE! It’s sort of comical, but I’m sure it wasn’t for those people. How even? Anyway, great post!

    • whoa, doesn’t sound like a good review… I’ve never had a bad experience with any of the groups/trips, but can see how people get ticked off expecting more for they money than what they’ve got. You can’t please them all…

  6. I see some of those groups in my facebook timeline advertising their trips. Seem fun and convenient but of course, i never got to try any of them:-)… This is good for you yuppies to fill up your weekends!

  7. A ton of my friends went on adventures with WinK Travels. I dont know how I missed out on opportunities like that but I was super lazy while I was in Korea. Brings me a lot of regret but this list is so useful and I will be sure to send it out as resources for friends visiting! Especially friends going at Korea solo! What an amazing list of adventures you have under your belt because of these groups, super cool!

    • For sure, solo travelers need to get their butts on these trips. Its a great way to meet people, see/do something new and brag about it to your co-teachers who don’t travel because they are shy.

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