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What I loved: The ruins of Angkor Watt Complex, Khmer Dish Amok, Cambodian cultural dance, inexpensive lifestyle.

What I didn’t: constant asking by Tuk-tuk drivers, high taxes flying out of Cambodia, begging children taking food off your plate (literally)

Quick travel tips: buy the Angkor Watt tickets the night before at the ticketing office at 5pm, giving you the chance to walk around the complex for 30 min-1 hour before it closes, even if you see your dishes being cleaned on the street floor, doesn’t mean you’ll get sick from eating your food there (at least we didn’t once); get your Vietnamese Visa at Sihanoukville embassy in about a day; support the Cambodian arts and culture by seeing their Cambodian Live Arts show in Phnom Penh. Check out 3 major cities in this helpful itinerary post. 

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