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What I loved: Ramen (for breakfast, lunch and dinner); fashion/styles; visiting a volcano for the first time; incredibly nice and helpful people (driving us for free in their car, loaning money, walking for hours to help us find a way and the list goes on); sleeping safely on a bench during the busy Buddha Holiday; very close to Busan, Korea; it is so clean (compared to Korea); Japanese sauna – Onsen (I could live there); Japan just oozes: “Cool!”

What I didn’t: soo expensive; accommodation is rented by the hour at love motels, which are a cheaper alternative to other lodging choices; public transport adds up with every stop, so the more you ride, the more it costs.

Quick travel tips: bring lots of cash; book lodging in advance on Buddha Holiday; you can get a decent meal at a convenience store (when you’re on a budget like me); department store basements have pretty good cafeterias and restaurants (cheaper than on the street level).

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