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What I loved: pho; Phu Quoc; ban mi sandwiches; and other quirky food; seeing how people live by staying with AirBnB hosts; Vietnamese coffee, street stalls and seating; observing the chaos of traffic; inexpensive domestic flights, Halong Bay, egg coffee, everything about Hoi An, the rice fields of Mai Chau.

What I didn’t: risking my life crossing any street; noisy motorbikes everywhere, scammy locals in Hanoi

Quick travel tips: eat at restaurants, which are full of locals; don’t be shy if none of the menu items are in English or have images (you can always just point to what a local is having at a table next to you, live a little); street stalls are a way of life, so embrace it in Vietnam; try Durian stinky fruit; observe busy intersections, then cross in a group (more Vietnamese tips can be found in this post). Follow this 2 week Vietnam itinerary to get the best out of Vietnam from South to North.

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