Alla Ponomareva

Photographer + Photo Coach





English, Russian, Ukrainian

Favorite desert:

Tiramisu, Cheese cake, lemon dipped in sugar

A Bit About Me

I was born in USSR (today Odessa, Ukraine (Slava Ukraini!)) and I never dreamed of traveling the world, having a creative job or doing what I love for a living.

All of that changed when my family immigrated to the States when I was young, where everything was exciting, different and I found out that Mcdonald's tasted the same. 


Fast forward to High School, where one of my best friends was this Korean kid, whose house smelled funny to me but had an incredible indoor pool that lit up.


In University, I studied Communication but wanted nothing more than become the next Barbara Walters and work in Television.


This dream would be put on hold for the next 14 years, while I taught English in South Korea and that kimchi smell from my friend's house would become one of my and my husband's favorite dishes - Kimchi Stew. 

I met my husband while teaching in South Korea and because we love DIY and making stuff with our hands, we built a tiny house. Then another. Then another. And now we run a successful Airbnb resort on our beautiful property in Montana. Check it out here - The Hohnstead

I've personally photographed black bears, mountain lions, three-legged deer, and an albino chipmunk there. 

In 2022, making videos on Youtube is basically like working in Television. The Pros: You get to pick your niche, make your own content and if you're lucky, turn it into something very special. The Cos: Youtube is not a guaranteed income and the learning curve can be quite steep.


Goals: To connect people from around the world, while teaching them to take and improve their own listing images. 

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2010 - Today



Photographing couples, families, headshots, product photography, themed photography, occasionally weddings and babies.

Teaching Basic and Travel Photography at KAIST University in Daejeon, South Korea

Internship at a wedding studio, where I learned how to pose, edit, and the business of photography which sparked my passion for this creative field. Modeling for the studio on a few occasions also taught me how to understand lighting, camera angles, and posing from a subject's perspective.