1st solo show

Its getting closer…

In less than 2 days I will have my first solo exhibition at DAC gallery in Junggu. It is a bit scary, strange, weird and exciting – all at the same time! Maybe I should: “Scream and shout and let it all out” as the song goes or just live in the moment and enjoy the ride!

In other news, I’ve been meditating lately and have been finding really challenging to focus on a moment, without letting secondary thoughts get in the way – did I frame everything, should I buy more cheese, what if no one comes, will it snow, who am I? what is my artist statement? did I make the labels, am I losing it? will they like it? is my dog fed? i’d like to go skiing soon, did i exercise today, where is the beef? – thoughts are so overwhelming sometimes!

wish me luck 🙂

1.17 7-9pm at Gallery DAC

대전 중구 은행선화동 205-10 Gallery D.A.C.

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