36 Unique Airbnb stays on Jeju Island

Another high rise hotel vacation?


Perfectly designed hotel rooms with right angles and sharp corners?

No thanks!

An elevator, a microwave, and a gym?

Who needs that? I’m on vacation!

Let’s try something new. A vacation experience that pushes us outside of our rigid comfort zones and stale ideas of all-inclusive resorts and hotels.

Isn’t that what our homes are for? Full of comforts, perfect pillows, fuzzy slippers, dishwashers, and toothpicks.

Did you know that things that are harder or more uncomfortable for us, in the end, end up being more memorable!

Let me introduce you to Jeju Island’s 36 unique accommodations, which are sure to make that next Jeju trip unforgettable and definitely SNS post-worthy:

Table of Contents

  1. Campers/RVs

  2. Boats

  3. Tents

  4.  Domes

  5. Tiny Houses

  6. Farm Stays

  7. Traditional Stone Houses


If you’re curious about what it feels like to actually stay/live in one, in Jeju island, there are lots of variations available for rent:

  1. Jeju Seogwipo Seogeondo Caravan (in Gangjeong-dong)

  2. Beachboys, Boy 31 (in Aewol)

  3. Vintage Airstream 17ft Travel Trailer Stay (in Seongsan)

  4. Feel happiness in Caraban! (in Jochon)

  5. Small Hill Wind Caravan A where children, families, lovers can stay (in Seogwipo)

Maider Caravan Wildwood (in Gujwa)

  1. Jeju Pine Beach Caravan (in Namwon)

  2. Caravan Syrius of Jeju Starlight Glamping (in Aewol)

  3. Feel Healing in Caravan (in Jochon)

  4. Shenyang Village Caravan (in Jochon)


Good times!

You too can enjoy the life of the Rich and Famous (if only for a night or two) as you rent this Airbnb yacht stay in Jeju-do.

  1. The only luxury yacht stay on Jeju Island (in Jochon)


Luckily, there are no bears roaming around in South Korea or Jeju Island, so sleep safely in one of Airbnb’s Glamping Tents below:

  1. Jeju Gotjawal Forest Best Hill Glamping (in Jochon)

  2. Belita Camping Site


  1. Seongsan’s Private Dome House

  2. Dome-shaped Jeju Island Private Pension (in Pyeoseon)

  3. Geodesic Dome house – Junggstory (in Namwon)

  4. Jeju Igloo (in Gujwa)

  5. Private room in a yurt (in Aewol)

  6. Jeju Starlight Glamping Dome (in Aewol)

Tiny Houses

You can give the simpler/tidier lifestyle a go in one of Jeju’s Tiny Houses for rent:

  1. Island Guestroom Madong (in Jochon)

  2. Tree Story Guest House Pension (in Pyoseon)

  3. God in the Flower (Cabin Dawn) (in Hangyeong)

Farm Stays

  1. Traditional Stone House at a Farm Stay (in Gujwa)

  2. Namgawon Farm Stay (in Namwon)

  3. Pension with Dogs (in Aewol)

  4. Thatched Roof People’s House (in Pyoseon) 

  5. Dokchae Pension Orchard One Piece with Tangerine Farm (in Hallim)

  6. Jeju Traditional House (in Jangjeon)

Traditional Stone Houses

Here are a few for your own enjoyment while in Jeju-do:

  1. 73-year-old Jeju Traditional Stone House (in Seogwipo)

  2. Jeju Traditional Stonewall House Hadori Mindfulness 3 bedrooms (in Gujwa)

If you’re traveling to Jeju Island, don’t forget that staying in unique accommodation is also a part of a vacation experience. Forget a typical hotel/motel scenario and enjoy the comfort of a tangerine farm stay, watching a projector movie in your own dome, enjoy the simplicity of existence in a cozy tent or see how little square footage is necessary for a good time in a tiny house. Don’t take my word for it, go ahead, explore a unique getaway with Airbnb!


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