5 things to know before buying a present for a photographer

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  1. 1. Know before you go

  2. 2. Photography is an expensive hobby.

  3. 3. Online software.

  4. 4. In Korea, classifieds is our best friend

  5. 5. Just let us take your picture!

1. Know before you go

Even though a certain gadget may appear useful to a photographer in your mind, ask first, buy later. Photographers know what they need/want and will probably purchase it themselves, saving your hard earned money and a very high possibility of it laying around unused.

2. Photography is an expensive hobby.

If you found an inexpensive gadget or equipment for your photographer buddy, chances are he/she already has it. Yup, we’re an obsessive type and probably have a shelf/drawer of dusty, barely used things that we all thought we NEEDED at one point. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just wait until the gadget bug bites you…

3. Online software.

A lot of money that photographers spend, also goes towards the unseen, but very much helpful: online software/actions/courses/bundles/templates/ebooks/etc. These items may not be stocking stuffers, but are definitely on a photographers’ “must have it/really want it” list. If you think we’re buying all those large memory drives for images, think again…

4. In Korea, classifieds is our best friend

Since a lot of Korean equipment is overpriced, it is a must to first check out used camera stores/markets, websites and Facebook groups. There you can find a cheaper alternative, haggle and possibly even lease/rent someone’s equipment without having to spend any money at all. Sell some of your unused gear, then buy something and everybody wins!

5. Just let us take your picture!

Lastly, in order to make a photographer buddy in your life happy, just let him/her take your photograph or pose for them when they ask. Don’t be a Grinch or a K-pop star, just act natural and let the photographer guide you. Yes, it may and probably will take a while, so just be patient and enjoy!

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