5 weeks of travel in 1:28 sec

Well hello there!

If it feels like it has been ages, because it has! This lazy blogger took some time off to travel, eat new cuisine, wander around foreign places and get some new stamps/visas in her passport. But so that you don’t feel like I’m living the life, during this adventure I was also attacked night after night by mysterious bed bugs, caught a cold and a runny nose (from the Air Conditioner!), spent 4 days with a stomach poisoning, was dehydrated, almost fainted and delicately (ask my husband) barfed on a bus on a very windy road from Dalat to Mui Ne. Usually I’m dealt one, maybe two of the aforementioned obstacles while on vacation, but this trip was trying to downright test me. Alas, I LIVED!!!

Don’t worry, I won’t bombard you with 2000+ images I took while in Malaysia, Vietnam and Laos just yet. They have yet to be edited, glitter sprayed and hung to dry in the lavender-misted room, but today I’d like to share with you a quick summary of our trip. You see, I’ve stolen an idea from another blogger – Izzy (of The Next Somewhere), whose inspiring post about 1SE App convinced me to also add it to my traveling repertoire.

1 SECOND EVERYDAY or 1SE is a pretty nifty App (available in both App store and Google Play) that allows you to make movies of the videos or the photos that you take on your smart phones. A simple layout allows you to crop the videos to 1 or 1.5 seconds and upload up to two clips in each day. You may also upload an image (1 second limit there) instead or alongside your video for that day. Notes or emoticons help you remember each day’s significance. Then, share the snippet of a day or the entire video with your network and TA DA! (Your directorial debut can be checked off the Bucket List, but I’d give it a few tries before writing that Oscar winning speech).

There are also reminders, dice for random video fill, Instagram posts turned into 1SE videos and some other features I don’t normally use, but you may find useful.

For this budget traveler, $4.99 price point is very fair, although that could have bought me 5 meals in Vietnam 😛

At last, check out what shenanigans my family in law, my hubby and I were up to during the past 5 weeks while covering 3 awesome countries, 10 cities, 5 plane rides, 1 crazy house and lots of great grub!


Tune in next Wednesday for new posts about crazy cool, just crazy, just weird, some garden shed-like and some construction-like accommodations in Dalat, Vietnam. Airbnb hasn’t seen anything like it!

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