7 helpful travel websites

What are your go-to travel websites? Do you think that there are better alternatives but you don’t have the time to research?

Let me do the work for you, so you can get busy actually planning that upcoming trip.

In no particular order, let me introduce to you the 7 (+1) latest coolest travel websites that I’ve come across and use:


Example: Travel on March 1 from Seoul to Moscow, to Helsinki, to Berlin, to Paris, back to Seoul on March 15 for $1519.



Example: Seoul to Beijing on January 18-21, 2019 for 222,000 krw



Into Tinder? Then swipe through travel images in order to create your Personalised Travel Profile. Pretty clever, huh?

To create a more customized profile, determine what type of places do you actually enjoy – the beach or the mountains, would you visit a museum or a market, would you try paragliding or snowshoeing.

Think of a ‘Hot or Not’ layout and start clicking!



Got a pet you need someone to look after while you’re away? Want to look after someone else’s furry friend while you stay in their accommodation? Then this site is for you! You can search short or long stays, different destinations, and different types of pets (chickens, horses, birds included, aside from the more common two).

I love using TrustedHousesitters so much that we’ve decided to offer 25% discount for my readers who are also interested in joining this wonderful platform. Happy sitting!



Bring your own tent, rent a tent, a tipi, a yurt, a cabin, a camper, or sleep under the stars on someone’s gorgeous property. A one of a kind experience awaits you!

While you’re dreaming of your next vacation getaway, why not give Montana a try – we’ve got stars, mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, kayaking, tubing, hunting and so much more. Just stay with us in our first self-built cabin – The Shanty, second and Internet popular – The transforming A-frame, or our third cabin The Blind, (where you can see stars without getting out of the bed)and we’ll tell you/show you/help you experience this amazing state to the max.



Recently, Garrett and I have been selected as Airbnb Ambassadors for our love of hosting and our breadth of experience as Superhosts since 2017. If you’re also interested in creating some additional income by hosting guests, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to assist you in creating your listing, answering any questions, and helping to guide you on your way to your own Superhost status. Get started here and get $65 Airbnb credit as a new host!



Also known as “Airbnb for Adults,” this site seems like a great way to make sure that you’ll be vacationing in comfort and style, instead of sleeping on someone’s blow-up mattress in the middle of the desert (also pretty cool, but not for the more refined and seasoned travelers).



A similar service as Homeexchange.com, Love Home Swap lets you narrow down your search to City Breaks, Long Stays, Luxury or Family vacations. While neither of the house swapping services is free, do your research to find out which one suits you more. Or like some reviewers, use both and hope for the best exposure to potential swappers.


So my fellow wanderlusts, did you get some new ideas about how to book your flights, where to stay, and what to do?

I know, with the number of services that are out there, it is confusing and time-consuming, to say the least, but the next time a friend of yours is looking for a pet sitter or a spur of the moment trip to Europe, you’ll know where to point him/her.

Remember: “To travel is to live”


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