7 weeks of travel in 2:08 minutes

Last winter, we were lucky to get away on a 5 week long Southeast Asian trip during our winter vacation.

This winter, we were in for an even grander treat when we lined up house swapping opportunity with our Australian friends. 2 more weeks of travel, a brand new destination and a free accommodation? Yes, please!!!!

Australia was So Freaking Cool!

A quick summary: We met three different friends from Korea there (our house swappers included). We got to go to the beach and see Redwood Trees (Garrett’s first). We got to drive on the other side of the street and ride our bicycles through confusing roundabouts (almost successfully, minus me skidding on some pebbles and scraping my knee into a bloody mess). We got to try Australian beers (always on the itinerary, for research purposes). We got to see and pat a lot of animals that are authentically Australian (wallabies, koalas, wombats, Dingo wolves and others). We prepared and dined on kangaroo meat, which was underwhelming. I got a new appreciation for minced pies. We avoided all the poisonous things Australia has to offer and got away unscathed (minus the banged up knee). We met some friendly locals who kept saying that WE had a funny accent 😛

Next, we flew to the coolest airport I’ve ever been to – Changi in Singapore and were overwhelmed by the amount of free amenities there. Just to name a few: free leg massagers, sunflower garden, movie theater, multiple Harry Potter displays, interactive art kiosks, multiple flower gardens and more!

Following a short connection in Singapore, we arrived in Bangkok, where 2 excited travelers have been waiting for us for the past 4 days – my mom and dad in law. They must have enjoyed spending time with us last winter, because they tagged along with us through Krabi, Koh Lanta and eventually Vietnam.

We spent 3 weeks together and here’s a quick summary of our time: we kayaked through the jungles in Krabi. We felt entertained by monkeys and lizards, while staying at a resort in a National Park. We fought and stood our lounge chair ground against some territorial Germans at a resort in Koh Lanta. We awed and ahhed at it’s sunsets. We treated ourselves to a few dozen incredible Thai Massages. We fell in love with mango smoothies. We posed for endless pictures. We re-visited Kwan’s Kitchen and agreed that it was our best meal to date!

Flying to Vietnam took a whole day, but the pleasant and respectful demeanor of the airport staff, security and immigration officers makes us wonder why we ever go back to America, really.

In Vietnam we treated ourselves to a 11 item, $16 dinner in Hoi An. We swam in the pool like it was going out of style. We tried local delicacies like Egg coffee, grilled frog and other unidentified but still very tasty dishes. We fell in love with our resort’s host family and promised to return next year (fingers crossed). We rode our bicycles through the rice paddies, smiling the whole distance. We enjoyed the peace and quiet which comes during Tet holiday and closed businesses. We fell in love with Vietnam, all over again.

We said: “See ya in the summer!” to mah and pah and took off for Hue, Vietnam. There, we thoroughly enjoyed walking the grounds of the Imperial Palace, spending more time with our Korean friends and taking the most picturesque train journey – Hue to Da Nang.

Da Nang has a direct flight to Korea now, so it was prudent for us to make our way to this city of lights. Da Nang surprised us with their plethora of excellent craft beers, street food, night lights and photographic opportunities. I know one thing is certain, we will be back!

Overall, 7 weeks didn’t go by in a flash, it was a loooong trip with so much to see and do that I may need to hire an assistant to help me cull and edit 3,500+ images I took on this winter getaway. No need to wait, because here are a few of them with a few short videos that arranged themselves nicely in 1 Second Everyday App below. Enjoy!

Note: In the very first picture, I’m wearing everything I needed on this trip on my back. And that is what I call – SUCCESS!!!

If you liked this video, check out the one we made last year, it’s even shorter!


So, what did you do this winter?

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