A bodybuilder in Daejeon

Photographing a body builder is a bit out of the norm for this family and couples photographer, but with the right location and light, I think he came out looking fantastic!

It was a pleasure to work with someone so aware of their body, angles, posing and full of enthusiasm for the shoot. It makes my job of composing, location scouting, light set up and posing that much simpler and more enjoyable.

It was not only my first time photographing a body builder, but also one of the first times using a 2 light set up. I used 2 flashes (Canon and Yongnuo) shot through a white umbrella and a 60in Octagonal modifier at 45 degrees to the subject. It created a very different look than what I’m usually used to, but I can’t say that I dislike it, in fact, for a muscular man like Christopher, I think the lights really emphasize his features and give more of a “bad ass” look.

Despite the initial set up and taking the time to figure out the correct ratio between the lights, I’m looking forward to playing with the artificial lights more in the future. Being in charge of the light sources forces a photographer that be that much more aware of the light in general, how it flows, how to modify it, block it or intensify it in a photograph.

Can you tell which photographs were shot with natural and which with artificial lights?

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