Accommodation pick: Golden Rice Villa in Hoi An, Vietnam

Have you ever stayed in accommodation where:

you look forward to going to bed?

you look forward to interacting with any of the staff working there?

you look forward to having yet another order of their amazing spring rolls?

you look forward to seeing the rice paddies as you walk to and fro your room?

you don’t feel like leaving the premises, because it’s just so cozy, comfortable and quiet?

Perhaps, you’ve answered “Yes” to a few questions, but 5/5 is my answer!

Before you think this is a sponsored post, let me assure you it is not. As much as I like promoting other offers and businesses (for an exchange of goods of course), I also like to write about places that I simply love and Hoi An’s Golden Rice Villa ticked all of our boxes during our winter vacation.

What are your criteria for accommodations while traveling:

  1. Location

When researching places to stay in Hoi An, we already knew of a pretty great place that we stayed two years prior – Green Apple Hotel. It was new (back in 2017), friendly, with a kick-ass breakfast buffet, so it was challenging convincing my hubby to try out something else. Golden Rice Villa’s location was slightly closer to the beach (about 15 minutes by bike), about the same distance to Old Town and is nestled between picturesque rice paddies, which put it in a quieter location than Green Apple. I wanted to wake up to the sun-caressed paddies, people working them, providing me ample opportunities for those quintessential Vietnam photographs.

  1. Price

It’s no surprise that we’re budget travelers and traveling for five or seven weeks at a time can put a significant dent in your budget if you don’t carefully consider accommodation. Golden’s Rice’s price range of $23-$42 was perfect, especially that it included breakfast, large pool, and free bicycle rental. We stayed in Deluxe Double room on the first floor for a few nights and after our family in law had left, we relocated to the 2nd floor with the better views of the lovely paddies.

  1. Amenities such as pool or fitness center are an absolute plus!

While the pool was on the chillier side most of the days (Hoi An doesn’t get too hot, so the pools are usually more of a challenge to get into and enjoy), it didn’t stop me from having it all to myself, which is awesome for doing laps or having a splash contest 😛

  1. Restaurant on the premises/free breakfast

Secondly, they grow their own food in the garden between the two main buildings, so fresh bananas were readily available. Yum!

  1. The Staff

Sure, you can’t really predict your experience with the staff until after your booking. That is one of the main reasons we wanted to re-visit Green Apple, but we’re 3/3 for the niceness of people working and living in Hoi An. And Golden Rice didn’t disappoint. The family who runs this place is very lovely, hospitable and accommodating.  They offered us a pickup from the airport via an email, which is not something I usually encounter. They smile for no apparent reason. They don’t pass you without saying hello. They ask if you need anything or help with getting around. And they are teaching their kids how to assist them, how to interact with foreigners, and how to run a successful business.

We were lucky enough to get invited to have Tet meal with them, maybe because we looked like two bored bums by the side of the pool, day in an day out. They were easy to talk to and were always honest and upfront with us. There were occasions of free fruit while chatting with a young homesick worker Nok, who is just as lovely and friendly. Actually, there were more free meals, but I think that’s the privilege you get of staying there for 1-2 weeks.

  1. Photogenic

Ok, not really a preference when traveling, but it helps and this place was so cute during the evening hours that I couldn’t help myself. The owners seemed to have really enjoyed my work because my images are now a part of their online listings – what a compliment!

We had a single night away from Golden Rice Villa when we thought that living closer to the beach would be a nice change of pace. But after a sleepless night with what seemed like rattlesnakes and rats in the ceiling, we were quick to cancel our stay and happily returned to Golden Rice. They were so surprised and pleased to see us that they upgraded our room. And we lived happily ever after there (for another week).


Finally, one thing is clear for us – if the road of life takes us back to Hoi An, we know just the place to stay and the people to see. It’s rare to travel to a foreign country and come back feeling like you’ve gained another family :):):)

Golden Rice Villa (on Tripadvisor)

127/1 Le Thanh Tong, Hoi An 560000, Vietnam

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