Accommodation Pick: Honghyun Pension on Namhae Island

Let’s getaway from main land Korea if only for a short weekend stay. On the way to Namhae you will pass some beautiful bridges with wide vistas of the sea ( where long ago Korean naval commander Yi Sun-sin, endlessly defeated the Japanese). On Namhae island you can experience not just the tropical weather, culinary delicacies and palm trees, but also a very unexpected village, which calls itself 독일마을 or the German Village. Perhaps, this European-inspired attraction is one of the main reasons for visiting this island, but let me introduce you to a special place where you can rest your head for the night, gawk at the tremendous sea views before you, go fishing nearby or just cook up some BBQ on your personal grill on your personal balcony and take in the nature and the sounds of the crashing waves nearby.

The Pension calls itself – “Honghyun“, while I give it a loving nickname of Clay Mushrooms on the cliff side. A lot of the buildings at this pension are made from clay and their roofs are outfitted in broken potted pieces fused together. Bowls are scattered around the property in funky looking sculptures, walking paths and flower pots. I guess we’ll be ok in case of a shortage 🙂

Located at the top of the hill, this pension has phenomenal views of the water and the mountains nearby. You may also walk the stairs down to the water to try your luck at fishing.

At a pension like this, you’re able to purchase (10,000 krw) the use of a BBQ with coals heated up for you. Bring all the necessities like meat, side dishes, drinks and sauce and you’ll be dining like a king on your private deck overlooking the beautiful sea.


While our rooms were only outfitted with an ondol system (heated floor), where you can sleep on small mattresses with pillows and blankets, you’re able to rent other rooms with standard beds. Prices vary from weekday, weekend and high season stays and can range anywhere from 70,000krw to 350,000 also depending on the size of your room and other amenities.

More information for booking can be located here or the rooms detailed information here.

If you’re interested in staying at the Honghyun Pension in Namhae Island, don’t forget to bring your camera!

Warning! Waking up at 5:45 am doesn’t guarantee for a picturesque sunrise (plan for a less cloudy weather).

Honghyun Pension 홍현황토휴양촌

Address: 208-2 Honghyeon-ri, Nam-myeon, Namhae-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do

Phone: 055-863-0020

Disclaimer: This accommodation post reflects true views and feelings of this writer and no exchange or financial gain was acquired before or after the completion of this post.

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