Accommodation pick: River Flowin Pension

If you ever find yourself wanting or needing to get away from it all – the noise, the traffic, lack of nature and clean air – allow me to introduce to you “River Flowin’ Pension” or “흐르는강물처럼” outside the city of Cheongju in Korea. As the name implies, it is located next to a river and provides a very serene and calming atmosphere during your stay. Take a walk, go for a swim in the pool, catch some fish in the river, spot a deer or two, listen to the wind rustle through the trees, enjoy a drink with a wonderful view, take some selfies next to the various statues and things,  soak in your personal Japanese tub, while cooking Ramen in your personal kitchen …or…. miss it all, while checking Facebook (there is WiFi in every room) or watch the latest updates on the news (a very nice flat-screen TV swivels in all the right directions.)

This place was a recommendation from a friend, who was looking for a unique location for her photo session. It takes 1hr and 15min to get here from Daejeon (thanks navigation, you rock!), and driving through tiny Korean towns is always a treat.

There are three types of rooms available. We had the “2nd place 8:16 am” room – a quirky name for a quirky place. It featured our personal Japanese soaking tub, made of Hinoki wood, a kitchenette, a super comfortable bed, bathroom, and a small living room area, fitted with a dining room table, benches, and 2 chairs. It was clean, with a modern design and a very homey feeling.

The night, brought more lit-up surprises…

It was such a great replica (albeit smaller), I felt like I was back in Paris.

River Flowin Pension in Cheongju, Korea by

River Flowin Pension in Cheongju, Korea by

1 night 2 days of perfect bliss!

As of the writing of this post, rooms range between 90,000-270,000 krw depending on the season and on the room. So book yours soon!


Would you like to visit/stay there?

Address: 충북 청원군 미원면 옥화리 190번지

Phone: 010-5468-0024

Reservations (in Korean):

No doggies allowed 🙁


Disclaimer: This accommodation post reflects the true views and feelings of this writer and no exchange or financial gain was acquired before or after the completion of this post.

I just think that great places and experiences need to be shared, or they’ll go out of business and we’ll be stuck living in noisy, smelly cities. Share this among the people you know, thank you!

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