Aerial Photography from West Coast USA to the East

Flying has never been my favorite activity, especially if it involves some long distance journeys I tend to make. This trip took me from Salt Lake City to Philadelphia during the summer of 2016, while on my way to visit family and friends on the East Coast. Fortunately, it was a day flight, filled with sunny skies and very clear vision out of my window seat. I just got my brand new Fujixt10 mirrorless camera and I was a joyful photographer on this lovely day. Hope that the next time you’re experiencing bird eye views, you won’t forget your camera!

It really does make you appreciate what an enormous, multi-faceted and inevitably gorgeous country that is the U.S. of A!

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Do you have any cool shots taken from the inside the airplane? Share your links in the comments below!

Thanks for stopping by and keep shooting!

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