Airbnb experiences in Seoul, South Korea

Julius Ceasar (or so the Internet tells me) once said: “Experience is the teacher of all things.”

I bet he couldn’t fathom the likes of people traveling as frequently as they do nowadays; with a click of a button, staying with the locals of another country, or crashing on someone’s couch for free. Unlike the times of the Roman Empire, I’m thankful to not have to ride in a horse carriage for days just to get to my destination, unless of course, that’s a unique experience I came across on Airbnb’s Experiences page.

Even though most people may be familiar with Airbnb‘s house hosting program, one of the new search functions of their website offers you a chance to not just crash for the night, but also enjoy yourself through locally hosted experiences. While there still aren’t that many worldwide cities available for search, I believe that it’s just a matter of time.

Luckily, for this enthusiastic traveler, Seoul (a city, only 50 minutes away by a fast train from me) has a number of neat things to try your hand at. You’d think I’ve done it all in my 8 gazillion years here, but keep reading and you’ll see an activity I’ve never done. Some of the experiences will help you sight-see local attractions, like hiking and biking around the city, while others allow you to do something atypical for a tourist visiting South Korea – like calligraphy, pottery, sailing, or perfume making. You can be sure that most of these experiences will be hosted by a local, so your opportunity to meet and get to know an aspect of Korean life makes Airbnb’s experiences a gem in my book.

So without further ado, let’s see what Seoul’s Airbnb Experiences have to offer (as of the writing of this post):

(Some may be temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19)

  1. Create your own perfume (has the most reviews as of 2/26/21 and happens to be my most desired experience from this list)

  2. Makkoli Tasting

  3. Cooking (a large variety of experiences offered)

  4. Pottery

  5. Bouquet making

  6. Hiking – the CHEAPEST (as of 2/26/21)

  7. Biking

  8. Calligraphy

  9. Personal shopping   – the MOST EXPENSIVE (as of 2/26/21)

  10. and many others


When visiting Seoul or another vacation destination, it pays off, in the long run, to treat yourself to a new experience, class, or tasting. Think about all the memories you’ll have from doing something or making something while everyone else visits another shopping center, a temple, or a fortress. There is always time for those things too, but don’t forget to leave time for experiences!

If you would like to host your own experience in Seoul (or elsewhere) in person or online, follow this link.

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