Awesome 845 Cafe near Gyeryeong Mountain

Due to the oversaturation of coffee and cafes in South Korea, it is challenging for the business owners to make them stand out among the rest. Some may cover it’s walls completely in flowers, creating that picture-perfect Instagram shot, like Botong Coffee near Mokwon University. There is Hee’s Mill, which probably spent years collecting antique saucers, cups, pots, spoons, and other coffee items that would make the Queen of England either very proud or very envious. There is Kim’s Hill with a large, cozy yard, packed with hammocks and lounge chairs in case you were exhausted looking out at the scenic Daecheon Lake from the 2 or 3rd floors. This cafe near Donhak Temple on Gyeryeong Mountain has broken vases and pots on their roof just to attract the attention of the curious onlookers. Some cafes claim to have the best tasting coffee in town, while others swear that their Tiramisu Cake is homemade and one of a kind. The choices to grab a cup of joe or sit and relax while sipping on a cup of Americano are endless here in Daejeon, which makes the plight of a customer that much more challenging.

But first things first: I personally suggest visiting this place during the week in the non-peak hours (after 4 pm).

Winter or Rainy weather may add a cherry on your cake, making the cafe feel cozier against the elements of the outdoors.


Opens: 10 am

Closes: Sun – Fri 12 am and Saturday at 25:00 ( I guess that’s the Korean way of saying Sunday morning at 1 am)


Table of Contents

  1. Sexy point #1

  2. The views of Gyeryeong Mountain

  3. Sexy point #2

  4. Rotating platform on the 3rd floor

Sexy point #1

The views of Gyeryeong Mountain

Because of Cafe Awesome’s 845 location right in the valley on the edge of a mountain, you can observe Gyeryeongsan’s glory from 360 degrees. Walk up to the 2nd or 3rd floors to get higher and higher into the atmosphere as you carefully negotiate the stairs with your chosen drinks. Watch yourself as tripping is discouraged since this place is usually pretty busy and all the eyeballs will be on you 🙂

As for the beverage choices, you can get your standard variety of caffeinated drinks, coffees, juices, as well as cakes, cookies, sandwiches, and other sweet offerings. The prices were a bit higher than those of other cafes, with a standard Americano costing 5,000krw and cake 7,000krw. Still, a very fair cost for the views and ability to sit/work/hang out indefinitely (as in most Korean cafes).

If staying indoors is not your cup of tea, then Awesome 845 offers a generous outdoor area too, full of decorations and lovely spaces. This outdoor section may be the most child-friendly, so feel free to walk around first and get better acquainted with the entire area of the cafe.

Sexy point #2

Rotating platform on the 3rd floor

The reason why I was initially introduced to this cafe was because of its 3rd-floor feature. When arriving on the 3rd floor of cafe Awesome 845 you may not automatically notice it. But pick a place to sit, get comfortable and after 5-10 minutes you may either feel:

a. Slightly nauseous (for some folks) 

b. Impressed by the fact that you were now staring at a slightly different angle of the Gyeryeong Mountain

And after about an hour, the platform makes an entire spin, putting you back in the location from which it all began. Cool, huh?

As mentioned earlier, those with more sensitive stomachs may not enjoy the entire hour of this slow procession around the axis, but why don’t you check it out for yourself and give the spinning floor a try!

So, are you looking for a new and unique place to impress your date with? Do you want to spin around without doing any of the work? Do you want to see one of Daejeon’s mountains from a different perspective with 360-degree views? Then check out Awesome 845 cafe and let me know what you thought in the comments below.


Awesome 845


Address: 700 Hakbong-ri, Banpo-myeon

반포면 학봉리 700

Phone: 042-822-5577

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