Beautiful cafe alert: Hee’s Mill

It is very rare that this blogger posts about a cafe, because I don’t really go to them. I don’t scout out the next best place or the newest hot spot in town. Until someone introduces me to one and I start giggling like a little girl because it’s just such a beautiful place…

Meeting with a friend for dinner brought us to Juk-dong, which is not my part of town or one that I often frequent. And it’s a good thing because the aforementioned cafe would be hard to avoid with its enticing atmosphere, tasty teas, and photogenic corners.

Upon entering, let your eyes wander over what appear to be thousands of different coffee mills, teapots, cups, saucers, and other mostly antique kitchen paraphernalia, turned decor.

Order your drinks at the counter, where you can select from a variety of international teas (such as German, French, Singaporean, etc), coffee and sweet treats. I went with Rooibos Lemon 😛

Then walk over to the left side and SELECT YOUR TEAPOT! That’s right, the staff allow you to customize your experience with a pot of your choosing. I went with the Queen set, because the cup looked oddly familiar…

What a surprise, when I lifted the cup to discover a very familiar writing (in Russian) which indicated that this too is a cup from the Soviet Union (just like my mother’s cup in her kitchen’s cupboard). My pot of tea came with a similarly lovely plate of fresh fruits and a biscuit, courtesy of the shop. This is after all English-style shop and Tea without Biscuits makes for a very lonely drink.

After walking around some more, it’s no surprise that Mango Plate listed Hee’s Mill 카페희스밀 as one of “Top 20 Cafes with the Best Interior.

Despite the fact that most beverages range between 8,000-10,000krw, this place was packed. I can agree that bringing your date or significant other would impress them very much, just don’t forget to hold on to the top of your teapot when pouring, so as to not make a mess in such a gorgeous cafe!

Hee’s Mill Cafe

728-2, Juk-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon

죽동로279번길 80

phone # 042-824-3188

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