Cherry Blossoms Couples Session in Daejeon, South Korea

Spring 2020 may feel very different from the years past. Thanks a lot, COVID-19 for halting travel, quarantining people indoors, taking over the news, challenging our hospitals, our minds, and our daily lives. Cherry Blossoms could care less about the state of the worldly affairs, they continue to bloom and I love them for it. They bring me happiness, joyful mood and a desire to photograph anyone who is willing during their short-lived presence. This year, my hubby Garrett and I decided to update our archives of family pictures, so I grabbed my camera, a tripod and a camera remote and we were off to my favorite cherry-filled location – Mokwon University where I know all the best spots.

Many people unfamiliar to our university may or may not know about a lovely pond in the back. It’s small, contains fish and is usually surrounded by cherry blossoms during this season. There is also a pagoda, benches and nice mountain trails that take you on the mountain that surrounds our school and nearby areas.

A little about us – Garrett and I have met in South Korea back in November of 2008. 7 speedy months later, we got married and have been inseparable ever since 🙂 Last summer, we celebrated our 10th anniversary, which was small and intimate just like our wedding – a handful of people and super low key.

Being married for over 10 years is crazy, the time just flies but we feel like we’re still in our 20s with our bodies and minds. Hopefully, we can continue to fool ourselves for a while, thinking is believing, right?!?

Did you know?

Garrett doesn’t like to get his picture taken. Not even a little bit…

And I’m obsessed with photography, so that makes for a regular conflict, right?


Sometimes, it requires taking his picture while I’m “still setting up” (like above).

Or asking him to pose, which he usually likes less (maybe even hates), but everyone needs to know their best angles when on cue.

He is lucky he is so good looking that it’s hard to take a bad picture of him 😛

Oh yea! This one is for your mom also does the tick in tricking him to pose for me/with me, haha.

Something else that you may not know about my husband is that he is a very good cook. Everyone and their drinking buddy know that Garrett is a fine beer brewer, but he can also do some wonders when in the kitchen. My favorite dishes of his include: homemade pizza, lentil chilli, steak, and elk burger. Am I lucky or what?!?!

A few things you may not have known about me – I’m very organized – planning all aspects of travel for me is insanely fun; I’m a bit of a hoarder – storing lots of props and clothes for prospective photo shoots (such as this hat, which was donated to me over a year ago); I’m always on time – a habit I definitely get from my husband; I’m a new Fuji convert – enjoying the heck out of the Fuji mirrorless systems with my traveling XT10 and XT2 for paid work.

So there you have it – Cherry Blossoms – my favorite time of the year in Korea and my favorite person to capture them with. Thank you to the Fuji’s grip and remote for doing all the work (I just pushed the button) 🙂 And to my Garrett for being my awesome <3


If you’re interested in your personal photography session in Daejeon or another location around Korea, let’s get in touch here! I’d love to capture you and your loved ones during your special time!

Feel free to check out my photography portfolio here and reviews.

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