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A lot of people visit the Philippines for the country’s natural beauty. It’s a place that’s known increasingly for beautiful beaches, remote getaways, unique resorts, and all kinds of outdoor adventure activities. In part because the Philippines have become a popular destination for international travelers, however, larger resorts have sprung up over the years as well. And now, particularly in Manila, the area is a hot spot for casino entertainment.

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Something like a little brother to the booming casino scenes in Singapore and Macau, Manila has several incredible venues that are of interest to tourists. But City Of Dreams is probably the best of the bunch, so we’re taking a look at it here for any travelers who might be interested.

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Photo courtesy City of Dreams site

As you can see at the resort’s website, there are actually three hotels, associated with City Of Dreams. Nuwa is an elegant, modern hotel with a refined appearance and a no-frills approach. Nobu Hotel Manila packs a little more character, specifically taking advantage of heavy Japanese influence. And the Hyatt Hotel is a traditional but spectacular high-end hotel. Each one of these venues gives you easy access to the main City Of Dreams attractions, though the hotels also have their own in-house spas, restaurants, pools, etc.


For starters, to address a concern some travelers may have, the Manila casinos are perfectly legal. The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) was formed in 1976 and given a new lease of life in 2007, such that it can regulate and control gaming activity both online and in person throughout the country. PAGCOR, a state-run body, actually runs 13 brick-and-mortar casinos. So legality is of no concern. City Of Dreams capitalizes on this by providing an immensely enjoyable casino experience, described at the venue’s website as “sophisticated, exciting and totally captivating.” You can find just about any kind of game you like, as well as tournaments, VIP tables, and promotions – all in a fairly lighthearted atmosphere.


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This is a broad category, but it’s certainly something you look into when you explore traveling to a major casino resort. Not everyone likes the casino games, and even if you do want to spend some times at the tables, it’s a good idea to diversify the experience. City Of Dreams offers plenty of other entertainment options, most notably through the Chaos Club (a thrilling nightlife venue) and Centerplay, a sort of live show area within the casino. Centerplay in particular is a nice twist on ordinary casino entertainment. Usually you have to go into a separate theater area to see a show or concert. Here, you can enjoy a great design and stunning stage – essentially a raised platform in the middle of a big circular bar that’s actually in the casino. It’s made for smaller performances, but it’s a great way to have some fun without actually having to play the games.

Drinking & Dining

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Naturally, a complex like City Of Dreams is going to have a lot to offer when it comes to food and drink. And particularly because there are three different hotels, there are a lot of different styles to enjoy. For instance, Nobu Hotel Manila goes all the way with its theme and include wonderful sushi establishments. Some of the resort’s other great offerings include Ruby Jack’s Steakhouse, a French place called The Tasting Room, and a renowned breakfast restaurant called Breezes. On the bar front, we’ve mentioned Centerplay and the Chaos Club already. But you can also grab a drink at Erwin’s Gastrobar (inspired by New York and Sydney pubs), and The Lounge, a classy hotel bar at the Hyatt.

This more or less covers the specifics! As noted, the different hotels also offer further entertainment and relaxation in the form of their own spas, fitness areas, and pools. But for overarching attractions, all of the above should give you an idea of what a trip to City Of Dreams entails.


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