COEX Imaging Show in Seoul

Today concluded a 3 day Photo and Imaging Show in Seoul. I had the chance to attend for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. They’ve got cameras, lenses, lights, light modifiers, flashes, studio equipment, paper, printers, backpacks, straps, hats, attire and even dried fish made it to the show (I’m guessing as a snack in between shots). Basically, every range of photographer and enthusiast was in for a treat at COEX this past weekend.

My hubby came along and I thought he would be a bit bored, but luckily they even had a treat(s) for him and all the other males/lesbians out there. Sexy girls were posing all over the place for crowds of photographers, who I’m sure will spent plenty of long late nights “editing.” Ha ha!

The shot you see above is also a model, but she was the most natural one there, hence my decision to include her as my portrait of the week. She was going for the “cute look”, posing like an embarrassed child or as a sweet teenager. She happened to be looking away and I figured that she needs something to look at! Then came the idea of including both shots next to each other. As a composite, it is more apparent at the actual nature of the situation – she was bombarded by photogs from practically every direction.

In editing, I made the decision to eliminate bright colored jackets and straps in order to emphasize the true nature of both pictures – so I converted them to B&W. I overlapped them a little to show more of a connection between the two. Lastly, I’ve reduced the opacity of the picture on the right, in order to draw the eye toward the model, since she is the focal point of the composite.

exif on the model shot: ISO 800, f2.8, 1/250

photogs: iso 800, f2.8, 1/160sec

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