D.A.C. 6th exhibit coming up!

Autumn is here and that means its time for another exhibition from Daejeon’s Arts Collective. This will be our 6th show and this time it will be at the widely known Junggu Culture Center in Daeheungdong.

Every show presents challenges of finding the right space that is available at the convenient time, within our price range, large enough, conveniently located for visitors and doesn’t require artists to “baby sit” it. Even though gallery sitting (which we have to do during this show too) is an inconvenient feature that should be included in the price of gallery’s rent, it is doable with 12-13 artists in the show. So thank you to all volunteers!

This year I’m showing some Korean and American landscapes and nature photographs taken in the past 6 months. Even though I think of myself as primarily portrait photographer, when traveling and road, tripping it is hard not to take advantage of such beautiful scenery.

My favorite piece is called Montana, USA and you’ll have to visit the show to see what it means to live in the “Big Sky Country” state.

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